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Monday, June 5, 2017

She's Eleven! (Daddy Post)

My sweet Lily,

My my my, how the time does fly!  You can't be eleven.  Eleven is almost a teenager! Many days we see that in you.  You can be so grown up.  You can understand complex issues.  You make sure your voice is heard.  You stand up for yourself.  You are growing into a great person.  Lucky for Mommy and I, you're keeping what makes you our Lily.

You have the biggest heart.  Any time someone or something is in trouble, you kick into action.  Whether it is protecting a bug or a frog or getting an ice pack when someone bumps, I can count on you to do whatever you can to make it better.

You're quiet about it, but you're really smart.  All the time you've spent reading everything you can find is paying off.  

Also, Mommy and I are so proud to see how you're excelling in Music.  This was a big part of our lives growing up and I love that you are a natural.

Your imagination is fantastic.  I love hearing all the stories and games you make up with your sister.

You never stop dancing.  Whether there is music or not, you dance.  Setting the table for dinner or brushing your teeth in the morning, there is always room for dance and I hope you never stop.

But most of all, you are just so loving.  Cuddling your friends, teachers, Mommy and Daddy and even your sister, you show us how much you care.

This past year has been full of adventures and new things for you, and we've had some big fun!  You drove an ATV through the bush in Western Australia. (And ran me over!)

You rode bikes all over Rottnest Island near Perth and made friends with so many quokkas!

You rode a camel on the beach in Broome, at sunset!

And of course, made friends with the camel.

You took Mommy kayaking to an alien coast

and showed us dinosaur footprints!

You met elephants in Thailand and found fruit bigger than your head.

You were Queen of The Rock and were served So Much Food!

You became quite an impressive snorkeler, showing skill and courage to swim down to the bottom when it was well over my head.

At Perisher Mountain, you got to show off your mad skiing skills.

You even panned for gold with your class in Bathurst

It has been an awesome and busy year.  Luckily, there was still plenty of time for some silliness.

Mommy and I are so proud of you Bug.  Every day you become less of a kid and more of a young woman.  We will always miss that little girl who said efalent and hostible, but it is the joy of Mommy and my life to get to watch you grow up.

We love you so much Lily!

Love always,
Daddy and Mommy

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