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Friday, August 30, 2013

First homework assignments.

I love these!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

This was the summer...

That she gave up her stuffed animals and her "baby" books - moving all of them out of her room, clearing room on the bookshelves for her chapter books and making her room look more grown up.

That she stopped wanting a song at bedtime, preferring instead to have extra time to read.

That she started riding her bike by herself on our 12 mile-plus family rides.

That she decided to cut hair... no more trying to grow it out like Rapunzel.

And now that she's back to school, this was the year where she wanted to walk in with her friends, instead of having me walk her to her classroom.

This was the summer when I sometimes caught myself looking at her, wondering where on earth this big kid came from? So grown up, and so amazing...

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of Second Grade.

I can't believe we have a 2nd grader in the house! Here she is with her new teacher (actually from meet-the-teacher last week).
This year she's a ladybug :)
What a difference a year makes!

This year, we're setting goals. (No laps at recess, more citizenship awards!)

Celebrating a successful first day with frozen yogurt!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The last week of summer.

We were determined to make the last week of summer break as fun as possible. We made a long list, everyone got to choose activities, and there were a couple of surprises too.

We spent a lot of time at the pool.
Took a trip to Marbles.

Lily made this sweet picture of Scoutie while we were there.
The girls played epic games of dress-up and pretend.

The girls both got major, shocking, suddenly-they-look-so-big haircuts.

And also back-to-school sneakers! (They are really fast!)
We spent a day at Pullen Park with some friends.

We went to the trampoline place again.

Grammy & Bumpa came up.

One more afternoon at the pool...

And one last bike ride to Shelley Lake.
With a stop for brunch! Cheers to the best summer ever!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Last Day at the Beach.

The girls made this illustrated list of all the things they wanted to do on our last day.
And we did every. single. one. It was awesome.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Topsail 2013.

Our annual trip to the beach was as wonderful as always, full of silly, fabulous, wonderful memories that I hope the girls will keep with them always...
Memories like riding with the top down, whether laughing, napping, or reading a book.

Memories of the ocean.

And of Poppins first time at the beach.
Memories of the Beach Shop.
And of our favorite ice cream place.
Memories of watching for dolphins. And going on imaginary adventures.
Memories of Daddy's new boat.

And of watching Daddy in his boat.
Memories of getting to go out in Daddy's boat. And of falling out. And of riding the waves in.

Memories of playing with Daddy. This one week every year, they get all this time together. There are more giggles, more games, more fun, than any other time. And more ocean gazing.
Memories of jumping the waves with Bumpa.
Memories of laying on the beach.
Memories of PLAYING on the beach.
And of running on the beach!

Memories of rainy day fun. (Who doesn't like dressing up a puppy?!?!)
Memories of making dinner (cheese and crackers) for the whole family.
And memories of copying your big sister three days later.
Memories of twilight playtime on the beach with the dogs.
And of silly puppy games.
Memories of posing for pictures.
And of refusing to look at the camera.
Memories of early-morning yoga on the beach.

And memories of teaching Mommy how to do "Flying Bird Pose".
Yes, even memories of pouting.
Memories of snuggles.
Memories of being seven.
Memories of Daddy being 35.
Memories of snuggling with a puppy.
And walking near the Sound.
And eating hush puppies for dinner (after insisting vehemently that you do not like corn bread. Or fried stuff).
Memories of playing miniature golf. Or just keeping score.
(Lily's score-keeping... Rory helped for a few holes in the middle.)
Memories of being completely sick of Mommy & Daddy trying to capture every moment!
Memories of laughter.
And piggyback rides.
And of slily puppy faces.
Memories of guarding or sand sculptures from passing villains!

Memories of matching dresses.
Memories of your sister as your best friend.

Memories of being four.

Memories of conquering castles.

And of leaving footprints in the sand.
And your name in the sand too.

(And Mommy's name too... thanks Rory!)
Memories of watching a rescued sea turtle go back home to the ocean.

Memories of floats.
And of (finally!) riding the waves.

Memories of the salt air in your hair.
Memories of running through the sand.
Memories of being silly.
(Lookout for the sandshark!)
And memories of being sweet.
Memories of Holly, Lucy & Poppins...

(Holly was the only dog who got to go out for ice cream.)
Memories of all of us together.

Memories of time spent with Auntie, of walks on the pier, and of sunshine.
And memories of the Beach Shop... again, because it's our favorite place, and someone goes there at least once every day!
'Til next time Topsail. We'll be remembering you...