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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer with Auntie.

Auntie came to Raleigh for (most of) the summer! Lily was so excited, she made a checklist of things we had to do.
So we did all of those things and then did a whole bunch of other things just because we could. Like cruise around in Daddy's car.
 And read. A lot. Everywhere. All the time.

And watch movies and snuggle.

 And have a fancy tea party!
 And ride a tiny train.

And play in a fountain (in the fanciest dress she owns.)
We did have to say goodbye briefly so that Auntie could go to Charlotte and Boston.
But then she came back so that we could go to T*rget. Frequently.
And go shopping other places too, occasionally.
And spend a day in Chapel Hill.

And eat at all the restaurants.

 And go roller skating.
And take car naps.
And occasionally rock out in the car.

And spend a ridiculous amount of time at the pool.

And do lots of crafts.
 Like making matching bracelets.
And celebrate the 4th of July! By making MORE matching bracelets. And doing matching manicures.

And dressing up. And also making a costume for Lucy (who won "Best-Dressed Dog").
And be in the parade.

Thankfully, Auntie was there to watch the girls when Daddy's cannonball attempt sent him to the hospital for 5 stitches in his lip. Happy Birthday America!
At one point, Rory took over the face-painting booth.
And she was also in charge of the cooling-off committee.
We watched fireworks.
And played with sparklers.

We also got to take one very unfortunate bike ride to Shelly Lake (Lily's bike broke three times and Shawn had to rescue us.)
 And take one successful ride to Shelly Lake too.
 (Lily's new bike... problem solved.)

We also took Auntie with us to the beach, but that's another story for another post.

Lily and Rory... Always remember how lucky you are to have the kind of Auntie who would give up a summer in Europe just to hang out by the pool, have tea parties, watch movies, read endless stories, play dress-up, help us make a doggie 4th of July costume, babysit during trips to the ER, go to Target almost every day, ride tiny indoor trains, cheer at swim meets even when kids refused to swim, snuggle a LOT, listen to endless arguments about whose turn it was, have sleepovers, go on bike rides, go roller skating, play mini golf, go to the beach, eat tons of ice cream, cruise with the top down, float in the ocean, and never complain once! It was the best summer ever, and she's awesome. And so are the two of you! xoxo-Mommy

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Swim Team 2013.

Some of us were really excited about swim team this summer!
Others were very excited until the first practice rolled around and then preferred to sit on the side of the pool and cry rather than swim.
Even though any time the team wasn't practicing, they were both little flippered fish in the pool.
In all seriousness though, Lily rocked both the backstroke and butterfly of all things this summer. She had to practice with the 7-10 year olds and so she was swimming for well over an hour every week day. She was slow, but determined.
And poor little Rory was intimidated throughout most of the summer. She wanted to do it, but couldn't quite get over her nerves. Lucky for her, she had the world's greatest big sister there to hold her hand, put an arm around her and whisper to her that she was going to be okay. This was far more effective than any encouragement from Mommy was.
She was also super lucky to have a big-kid helper named Abigail, who was Rory's official catcher during practices and meets. She literally walked alongside Roo so that she wouldn't panic as she swam.

And thanks to Abigail, at the 2nd-to-last meet of the season, Rory finally got her first participation ribbon!
Unfortunately, at the last meet of the season, and the one Daddy was able to come watch, Abigail was out of town, and Rory was refusing to swim with anyone else. Anyone except Daddy. Who was there in street clothes. And who jumped right in that pool anyway. Because he's awesome like that!

And here are both of our little fish, swimming along as happy as can be. Those flippers have magical powers it seems...

It was a good season, they learned a lot, and I think we're all happy to move along and just enjoy the pool for the rest of the summer. Until next year...