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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Auntie sent a birthday outfit with Pippi Longstocking on it!
(And a locket with Lily & Auntie's picture inside.)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Birthday letter to a 7-year-old.

Dear Lily,

7 years ago, this sweet little Valentine became mine, and my definition of true love was forever changed.
I usually use this letter as an opportunity to list everything you've done in the past year. And this year was a big one... The year you learned to swim, and to ride a bike. The year you had your first dance recital. The year you went to the beach, had your first camping trip, and climbed a mountain. The year you lost 4 teeth! The year you learned about loss, when we had to say goodbye to Scoutie. And a whole year full of other adventures big and small, with Mommy and Daddy, with Rory, with Grammy & Bumpa, with Auntie, and with your friends.

I could write all day about the incredible things you've done and how awesome you are. How you amaze me a million different ways every single day. But what I keep coming back to is something someone else said about you... It's so perfect that you were born on Valentine's Day, because you are so lovey. And that's what I want to remember most about you at this age. You are the sweetest, gentlest, most compassionate, most forgiving, kindest, most loving person I've ever known. The love you have inside of you shines out of you all the time, and people can't help but love you back. Especially me and Daddy.

You are the best Valentine I've ever gotten, the greatest gift I'll ever receive, and my definition of true love. Happy birthday, LilyBug, my big girl...my big, toothless seven-year-old. 

I love you.


Saturday, February 16, 2013


The big day arrived! The day of Lily's outdoor, in-the-new-treehouse-birthday-party! We woke up to snow. So Daddy decorated the kitchen, instead of the yard.

Per the birthday girl's request, a flower cookie cake:

And instead of painting flowers on canvases outside, we spread out a sheet of plastic in the playroom.
But the kids didn't mind.

Happy birthday, dear Lily!

Birthday monster!
Lily and Lillian... friends since infancy, reunited!
Plan B was to have all the kids bring snow gear and sleds so that we could enjoy the winter weather. But about an hour before the party, the snow turned into rain, and what little accumulation we had got washed away. So instead, the kids played in Lily's new room - hiding in the closet and jumping on the bed.
And in the end, they decided to brave the miserable weather to try out the treehouse and the zipline.
And even on the yuckiest day, the backyard was a big hit!
Happy birthday Lily... I hope you always remember this day. It wasn't what you planned, but you still told us it was the "best birthday party ever!"

Friday, February 15, 2013

Pajama Party at Marbles.

We got invited to a Valentine's Pajama Party at Marbles!
And what's better than playing at your favorite place, at night, in your jammies??

Nothing. There's nothing better than that! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Her big day.

We started the day with a few surprises...

Continued with a couple of presents.

We had cupcakes at school. (And a surprise lunch with Bumpa).

And then there was the BIG REVEAL when she got home.

Her brand new room!

A very happy birthday girl!

We had dinner out, at the restaurant of her choosing.

And finished the day off with cake at home.

Oh, and there was an international birthday celebration too.

All day long, she was smiling. All day long, she was proudly announcing, "It's my birthday!" And all day long, we were astounded that this amazing, clever, beautiful, silly, toothless SEVEN-YEAR-OLD is ours. Happy Birthday, LilyBug! You are one lucky little girl, and we are so lucky you are ours.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Last 6-year-old bedtime.

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On clocks vs. watches:
On the clocks at home... I love how detailed the drawings are of her room vs. Rory's:
They do these book reviews every week, on stories they listen to. And every week, Lily writes that her favorite part was "at the end". (To be fair, some of them do have some crazy twist endings!) And every week, when I read her review, I giggle. So she showed me! "My favorite part was: at the end. Mommy donte laf at this!"
And I love YOU so moch, Bug!
I love to sing to you, Sweetpea.
Some awesome shape work:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Jack's birthday was last week. And Jack is one of Lily's best buddies. So she made him this card:
Jack is currently OBSESSED with a video game about "Skylanders".
"I hop your birthday is as happy as a hows full of 'scilandrs'. (I bet that is not the wa to spl it!)"

 I love that she made the card about something he likes. And that she called herself out on her own spelling mistakes.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend fun.

Crafting together.