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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lily's thoughts on New Years Eve.

At 11:34 pm she announced, "I just want to go home, have a drink of water, go to the bathroom and go to bed!"

Such a party animal.

Happy New Year!!!

Vienna was a magical place to welcome 2014! Freezing cold, and super crowded, but magical.
Pretzels for dinner, of course!
The city all lit up...

Hanging out at the Rathaus, dancing and waiting!

We partied like it was 2014!

Lily & Auntie danced so much they had to take a bow.

Little sister dance party!

Rory the robot!

Silly girl!
On this trip, Lily learned that she really likes to take selfies.
The last 10 minutes of waiting for midnight got very chilly!
Ready for the countdown!

Happy New Year!
We were surrounded by fireworks going off all over the city, for about 2 hours.
The band that was playing in this square stopped mid-song at midnight to play a waltz, and everyone started dancing!
Can't wait to see what this year brings... What a spectacular start we got to have!

Austrian National Library.

The only thing we hadn't gotten to do was visit the library. It was closed on Monday, of course. We walked in couldn't help but sing, "Oh, isn't this amazing!" (It looks so much like the library in Beauty and the Beast!)

New Years Nap.

Resting up for the big night...

It's New Years Eve!

And we're all ready, fancy hair and all...

... Now we just need to fill the next 15 hours until midnight!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Vienna, day two.

What an amazing day! We saw EVERYTHING!

Museums, squares and statues.

A Christmas market that was still open! (Yay!)
We found giant pretzel-donuts!
(We like those!)
And gorgeous Viennese gingerbread cookies.
Christmas markets are fun.
For everybody!
We saw the castle. (And check out the amazing sky!)

These two munchkins...

We saw tons of picture-perfect European streets.

We went to the Old Town Hall (the Rathaus).

We found a park. Mommy climbed a tree.
Lily climbed a tree.
Rory disguised herself as a tree.

We found this pretty girl, in this fabulous ball gown, made entirely out of cake!
We stopped for a late lunch. And told the girls they couldn't have ice cream for their meal.
(Pathetic, truly.)
Don't worry - they ate real food and got to have dessert.
Still being a tree.

We walked and walked and walked to check out the old fun park. That's where we learned that snow globes were invented in Vienna.
And we saw the giant wheel.

And rode on crazy swings... That's Mommy with Rory.
There go Daddy & Lily.

We saw this scary guy.
And then we got yelled at for buying too many bumper car tokens, so we had to leave.

But before we called it a night, we bought a picnic dinner, and sat outside the opera house, where you can watch the show on a giant screen on the side of the building... for free!

And as it turns out, the girls really like opera!

This kid is excited for New Years Eve tomorrow:
And this one is exhausted from all the fun we had today: