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Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Grade.

First, we had to go to school to meet the new teacher. Not wanting to show up empty handed, we made this "bouquet" of sharpies for her.
Lily was a little nervous to go meet her new teacher.
She started to feel better once we found the classroom and she discovered that she would be a penquin this year.
And here she is, our big girl on her first day. She's so grown up!

Outside school.
Giant backpack.
We walked her in, but I think that was more for us than for her... She was all ready to go!
Mommy still had to hold back tears, but Lily (and Rory!) was already so busy playing and saying hello to old friends, she barely noticed me leaving.
When I picked her up and asked her how her day went, she told me, "It was perfect!" Her favorite things were "Library, singing songs, and seeing my friends! And reading new stories!" And later that night she told me, "I love Ms. Parrish! I'm going to have a fun and funny year!"

LilyBug, I am so excited for you! Have so much fun, learn so much and keep growing into the most incredible girl you can be. I am so proud of you. XOXO

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The rest of summer 2012.

We played and swam and crafted and built and ran and danced and played some more. There was dressing up in each others' clothes.
Lots more playing at the pool.

Sometimes at night! We caught lots of fireflies.

The girls perfected their "Mommy-at-the-pool" impression.

They played a LOT of legos.
We did some museum trips. (I have a picture of Lily in this dinosaur footprint from 3 years ago wearing the dress that Rory has on!)

Rory did a lot of exploring.
Lily nearly got eaten by a T-Rex.
And an ancient shark.

The girls pet a baby alligator.
Lily tried on a turtle shell.
Rory did NOT take a nap.
But Lily did.
We took lots of bubble baths.
We sold Daddy's car.
Lily cried. Byebye Sasha. Thanks for a fabulous 12 years!
Grammy sent T*rget gift cards. Lily got glasses. (Not really...)
And Rory picked out a new dress.
Rory did a lot of painting.

And just like that, we turned around and summer was over.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Daddy found this guy hanging out on our butterfly bush!