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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Welcoming committee.

Auntie must be coming to town.

Lily to Daddy: "Mommy is my most second best friend."

I'll take what I can get.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Lily: "Where's Mommy?"
Daddy: "Dark yoga"
Lily: "What's dark yoga?"
Daddy: "It's yoga, in the dark."
Lily: "Hmm, sounds dangerous."
Daddy: "Yeah, I think you're right."

(For the record, there are electric candles lit all over the room, so it's not that dangerous. But I appreciate the concern from my rule-following, always cautious Bug.)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Third swim meet.

At this week's meet, Lily finally mastered her backstroke. And by "mastered", I mean she used her arms and legs at the same time, some of the time. (Lily is on the far left. Also, at the end I was so focused on watching her that she is no longer in the fram. Sorry y'all.)

The kids also posed for a team photo. (Lily is in the front row, just right of center.)

 And premiered their new cheer.

And, instead of a 6th place ribbon, this week Lily brought home two 5th place ribbons! Way to go, Bug.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mommy & Lily's travel adventure.

Us big girls spent the weekend in Rochester celebrating cousin Loren's graduation from high school. We had the best time! Lily was the perfect travel companion. She even pushed our bags through the airport for me.

Walrus & pink blanket joined us on the trip.
We were very silly on the plane.
We had a layover in Philadelphia. Lily had a scone. Mommy got a chair massage. Lily was going to get one too, but she changed her mind at the last minute.
On each flight, Lily very carefully looked over the safety booklet. Also, she made friends with a little girl names Abigail (sitting next to her) and her brother Andrew. They were on both of our flights, also visiting a cousin in Rochester. And they were on both of our flights home. I love Lily's ability to make friends wherever we go.
Once we arrived in Rochester, Uncle Dave & Loren drove us back to the house. And there, we got to meet baby Catherine, the newest cousin.
Lily was in love. She followed Catherine around for two days, asking to hold her, smiling at her, and tickling her toes.
Once Catherine left to visit some other people, Lily headed outside and discovered that Auntie Ann & Uncle Dave still have a swingset in their backyard!
And it's totally awesome.
That night, we went out to dinner at the country club. Lily was very excited to go back to the sight of Colleen & Matt's wedding (still the single greatest event she's ever experienced). And she was also excited to snuggle with Mommy & Colleenie in the back of the car.
We stayed up late that night. But Lily woke up ready to play. Luckily, Colleen was totally up for puzzles, board games, and a game of "Kitty". And then Lily discovered the snuggie. "What? This isn't how this works?!?"
Then Lily got her hair blown out by her awesome big cousin.
Lily helped Auntie Ann get ready for the party by making this sign.
The party was so nice. There were flowers.
And good food.
And a gorgeous day in the backyard.
There were awesome centerpieces made by a proud big sister.
And there was a slushie machine! (Which exploded like a 5th grade science experiement, but that's another story.)
Lily taste-tested the pina colada ones for us before the party started.
The newlyweds.
Uncle Mike & Auntie Carol.
Mommy & cousin Loren. So hard to believe that he's graduated high school and is off to college in the fall.
Cousin Sunny and sweet little Catherine. Seven weeks old, and a delight at the party.
There were lots of little girls at the party, and a bag full of b*rbies. They had so much fun together. I seriously didn't see Lily for about three hours.
It's not a party without bubbles!
Miss Molly.
The kids had a private party on the playset.
Cousin Sean was the guest of honor. Mostly because he let the girls repeatedly throw "confetti" on him. And by confetti, I mean piles of grass and leaves.
Loren got to go to the playset party too.
Catherine tried swinging. She wasn't crazy about it.
In this picture, she doesn't seem crazy about me either, but I swear, we bonded.
Uncle Tom & cousin Kathleen.
Cousins - Sunny, Kathleen, Kelly & Colleen.
The little girls - definitely planning something!
Uncle Mike blowing bubbles, Kathleen unimpressed.
Auntie Ann - the original baby hog.
Colleen - baby hog junior.
You might think, like I did, that this is a picture of the kids playing school, with Sean as the teacher and the girls as the students. You would be wrong. Sean was the student, and there were four teachers.
What's a party without a parachute?
And a tunnel, where you can sit on your big brothers' head! (Sean is such a good sport!)
The big kids played ladder golf.
Lily and Colleen discovered that Tumblin' Monkeys is the greatest game ever invented.
When the party was all over, Lily curled up with a PB&J and some apple juice, thanks to Auntie Ann.
After a very long day, poor Catherine finally lost it. Lily, desperate to hold her just once more before she left, sat calmly and held her while she wailed. It was so sweet. When Uncle Dave - the baby whisperer - got her to fall asleep, Lily sat as close as she could, not willing to give up time with her.
The next morning, Lily & I were up at 4am, and sweet Uncle Dave drove us to the airport. It always goes by too quickly! Lily watched a movie on her K*ndle while we waited for our flight.
Despite the early wakeup, we were still having fun together.
Sweet big girl.
LilyBug, I had the *BEST* time with you this weekend. Thank you so much for coming with me, and for being the best little travel buddy I could hope for. I am so glad that we got to do this together. I love you, sweetpea.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Second swim meet.

The second meet was away, at a pool with fancy starting blocks. The kids had worked all morning on diving in at the start of the race. So I really love how serious Lily is as she gets into position, crouches down, and then jumps in feet first. Are you people crazy - you want me to jump into the water? On my head?!?! (Lily is on the far left.)

 I also love how it takes until halfway through the race for her to remember that she's supposed to be swimming breast stroke.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Grammy sent Lily home with some clothes that used to be Mommy's. This dress, which I worse in my 2nd grade school pictures.
 And my knickers, that I remember wearing on St. Patrick's Day.