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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Modeling her new outfit from Auntie, at Lillian's birthday party.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge 2012.

Back to the lodge!Lily sliding.
Rory thinking about sliding.
Lily playing in a water fall.

Rory still thinking about sliding. (She did eventually love it.)
Evan playing.
Evan sliding.

Evan splashing Lily. These two were best buddies on this trip.
Megan splashing.
Rory splashing.
Evan sliding.
Lily sliding.
Uncle Eric sliding!
Lily climbing the fort.
Auntie Melissa and Megan climbing the fort.
Lily and Uncle Eric spent a lot of quality time together.
They were having a very serious conversation.
And then worked together to get this thing to spray water.
Really, REALLY high!

Rory really loved playing in the fountains.

And she braved the big bucket. She's on the far right as it started to tip...
And here she is running away!
Lily & Evan.
Mommy & Rory.
Daddy & Rory.
We took a break from the water park to have lunch. While we waited for our table, all four kids colored pictures.
Rory hard at work.
We got wolf ears at lunch!
Kisses for Mommy from Rory-wolf.
Kisses for Daddy from Lily-wolf.
Kisses for Auntie Melissa from Megan-wolf.
After lunch the kids all got magic wands and played Magic Quest, where they run around the hotel and their wands act like remote controls that make things light up or talk. Big. Fun!!!
Little magicians.
Rory & Evan making the tree light up and the animatronic squirrels talk.
Hanging out with the bear.
That night we had a picnic dinner in our room and celebrated Lily's birthday.
Rory got some new jeans too.
And then the kids had a blast climbing all over the bunk beds and playing crazy pretend games in the fort.
Little girls.
Big kids!
After the kids put their pj's on, we went to story time at the clock tower. (This must have been a scary part of the story.)
But then Rory thought part of the story was hilarious.
After story time, we got to hang out with Violet the wolf.
And then it was bedtime. The girls wanted to sleep together on one bunk, but after about an hour we had to separate them. Lily wanted to go to sleep and Rory wouldn't let her.
Last day. Family photos. First the Petersens.
And then us. First, we tried a nice one with everyone smiling. Rory refused.
So then we tried funny faces. Rory still wouldn't cooperate.
So we finally decided to go with pouty faces. Total success.
I think the biggest hit on this visit was the wave pool. We spent a ridiculous amount of time there. Luckily, Uncle Eric seemed to like it almost as much as the kids.
Lily & Evan. This might have been right after Lily went running to find two life jackets, telling me "
I need to get one for Evan too. He can't swim either." I like the thoughtfulness. And the solidarity.
Lily on one of the big slides. We also made lots of trips down the big, BIG slides where you ride in tubes. Even Rory was big enough on this trip!
Posing on our way out...
Casting a spell!
Four fabulous, fun kids! We all had the best time.
Lily saying goodbye to the wolves.
The sign of a good trip.