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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011.

Once we got them home, we had to carve our pumpkins. This year, Lily said she wanted to carve hers (instead of painting) and Rory just wants to do whatever Lily does. Except, it turns out she doesn't like touching pumpkin guts. So she mostly just watched.
The girls with the finished pumpkins.
Lily and her princess pumpkin (complete with rhinestone tiara and earrings, of course). Rory and her kitty cat.
Daddy helped the girls make a haunted gingerbread house.
Decorating was serious business.
Rory's turn!
Lily's deep-in-concentration face.
Adding candy.
Ta da!

Lily signed the back.
The black frosting was especially yummy.
Arg! Beware the pirates at the breakfast table. Lily put her costume on as soon as she woke up on Halloween morning.
Daddy's costume for work... He went as "Pumpkin Pie".
We went trick-or-treating at Daddy's office.
Caught in a spider web!
And the girls did some work while they were there.
Leaving a pirate message on Daddy's board.
Hard at work on Daddy's computer. In fact, she told us "Don't talk to me! I'm workin'!"
After we left, Daddy was unable to use his computer for close to an hour, thanks to some weird setting Rory had switched it to.)
A pirate, with her parrot on her shoulder.
And then finally, we went to our neighborhood's first annual Halloween parade. It rained.
But the kids didn't really mind.

After the parade there was a party, and after the party we went trick-or-treating with some friends. The girls loved running up to doors with their friends. Especially Rory, who loved keeping up with the big kids. In spite of the rain and the cold, they had a blast. After awhile, we all got in Jack & Abby's van and drove from house to house. Rory thought sitting in the back, with the door open was the most fun she'd ever had in a car.
The end of the night. Abby as Medusa, Jack as a mad scientist, Lily the pirate and Rory the parrot.
Cold, wet and tired, but with more candy than they knew what to do with. Best Halloween ever!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin picking.

We took our annual trip to the pumpkin farm for a morning of fabulous fall fun. It was a perfect fall day.

Walking in past the farm equiptment.When we first arrived, Rory was NOT into having her picture taken.
But she did want to see how much bigger they were than the last time we were here!
On the way in, we met Cotton, the bunny.
He was a big, BIG hit.
Our first stop was the giant, bumpy slide.
It's inside the hay mountain.
Then we checked out the hay maze.

And then we found the newest activity, inside the barn.
The corn crib.
A giant pit full of corn to play in.

And make corn angels in.
And bury Daddy.
Or yourself.
("Just like Pippi when she was buried in the sand!")
You can also feed corn to the cows through these tubes.
Then the girls milked a cow with Farmer Ganyard (it's his farm).

Rory, the dairy farmer.
We fed the goats. Well, one goat. The rest were not interested in our corn.
Lily's turn.

Rory's turn.
Rory thinks goats are hilarious!
Hooray for goats!
Except when they bite her finger.
Lily was feeding the goat with both hands. He wanted to come home with her.
Heading into the corn maze.

See you later, Mommy & Daddy...
Rory needed a ride back.
Then we went on a hay ride.


The view of the farm, from the hay ride.

Happy Halloween!
Posing with pumpkins. (Rory would only give fake smiles by this point.)
I don't want this pumpkin!
"I like dis green one!"

Counting pumpkins... one...
... two...
... three...
... FOUR!
It took forever, but Lily finally found the perfect pumpkin.
Three happy scarecrows.