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Sunday, July 31, 2011


After we got home from Europe, we had a pretty low-key summer. July passed in a blur of regular, quiet life. We dressed up a lot. Mostly for dance parties. Mostly as princesses.Some days we didn't wear much at all.
We played a lot of hide-and-seek, but neither of the girls seems to be very good and hiding and staying hidden.
Even princesses need to nap sometimes.
We puffed out our cheeks and popped the air out.
A lot.

For reals. They could do this for days. It's high-quality comedy around our house.

We had a visit from our friends Quinn & Wesley!
And we showed them how much we like to hula hoop.
The kids posed for pictures (minus Rory who was feeling anti-social).

The big kids.
Oh there's Rory - running through the picture, but not pausing.
Sweet baby Wesley.

As soon as they arrived, Lily ran to find baby toys for him to play with.
We also took them to our favorite jumping place to play.

Holding hands on the walk home.
Mommy pulled out and sold some of the baby equipment. But not before Rory got to remember how much she loved her jumper.
And the swing (even though neither she nor Lily really enjoyed it as infants).
Rory tried out some new hairstyles. Like braids ("Want same Lily has!")
And this fancy 'do.
She was quite insistent that she needed three pigtails, and then picked out three elastics, stood still for me to do it and left it in all day. I guess she knows what she wants.
We sang jingle bells while accompanying ourselves on the ukelele. (and while refusing to be videotaped.)

Mommy was a little sneakier the next time.

And that was July.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lily's journal.

Before we left, we made a special trip out to buy the girls journals. After a LOT of careful consideration, Lily finally decided on this one, because it had cities on it and we were going to see some cities. WHo could argue with that logic?
We didn't do a great job of remembering to write in it, but Lily colored in it throughout the trip. And then we got home and she tore all the pages out (which made Mommy cry). But here is the trip, through Lily's eyes... First, an airplane:
Family portrait... "R, L, Mo and D". (I love how long Daddy's legs are. And Lily's shorthand. And that Rory is red - I wonder what that symbolizes??)Here's a picture of a castle. You can tell by the points on the top.
Here's a picture of Auntie's building, including the flowers on her balcony and a cat from the pet shop on the first floor.The only entry that contains words is the one she wrote in the airport in Raleigh, before we even got on the plane:
"Grammy dropped us off. We ate dinner."

(And then we did a few other things and then we came home. The end.)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Leavin' on a jet plane. (Again.)

The girls on the plane ride back to the states.

I am so thankful. Thankful to my amazing sister for hosting us, traveling with us, and loving our kids as if they were her own. Thankful to our friends Steve and Charina for their hospitality in Spain. Thankful to Daddy for working so hard and being in a position that we could afford to take this trip. And for being so easy-going. And for wanting to expose the girls to the wider world and different cultures. Thankful to my girls for always exceeding my expectations of what they can handle, and how they'll behave. Thankful that I was able to (mostly) relax and let us just enjoy our experience and our time together. Thankful that I got to stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower with my four favorite people in the world. Who gets to do that?

I'm just thankful, for this amazing, incredible, awesome trip. We are so lucky!