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Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Schoolwork.

I am guessing this is from a book.
There was a unit on the five senses.

There were LOTS of St. Patrick's Day Projects.

This is the note that came home before the St. Patrick's Day party.
As expected, Lily informed me that she would NOT be eating green eggs and ham. But then, she helped make the green eggs. And it turns out, she likes them! (Sam-I-Am was right!) But just the eggs, no ham, thank-you-very-much!
In Discovery Class, the kids connected alligator clips from a battery to a light bulb holder in order to complete the electrical circuit and light the bulb.

For "Guess & Tell" one day, the kids were supposed to bring in something that flies. Lily decided to draw pictures of flying things. First, "Fairy Lily".And on the back, she drew "Butterfly Lily".
But in her excitement to show them to me while I was in the shower, she dropped the paper and it got all wet. So she drew a ladybug instead, complete with spots, wings, smile and eight legs.
She worked on writing the days of the week.And painted a frog.
There was a unit on weather. And weather drills. The kids hid in a bathroom with a flashlight for a tornado drill, and marched outside for a fire drill.
There was a whole unit on dinosaurs. Or "Dinos" as Lily likes to call them. Because they're on a nickname basis.

This month's activities brought to you by the letters "Q", "D", "S" and "M".

What it's like to be a kid in 2011.

Lily, while setting in to watch a movie during Rory's naptime: "I can't believe I'm watching Mary Poppins!"

Mommy, feeling generous, "You mean on Mommy's new iPad?"

Lily, "No. I can believe THAT. I just can't believe I get to watch Mary Poppins again!!!"

Wow. Just.... wow.

Afternoon with friends.

You know what's an amazing coincidence? One of my oldest, dearest friends from growing up lives less than 10 miles away. And has two kids nearly the same age as mine, the oldest named Lillian, of course! Lillian even goes to Lily's preschool. We had lost touch about 12 years ago, but found each other on facebook. And now we have "family friends" to hang out with. On a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in our backyard. For a cookout and some time on the swingset.

Lily & Lillian had lots of fun on the glider.

And Rory had lots of fun requesting repeated "Unna! DOG!" (Underdog pushes).

And everyone had fun in the clubhouse, except for sweet baby Henry, who is just crawling and not quite ready for climbing ladders.