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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bye bye, Auntie.

It's always hard to say goodbye.

We miss you already.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011.

It all started out so peacefully.Santa came!
And then the madness started. The girls were so excited, and incredibly overwhelmed.
As usual, one gift was barely opened before they were tearing into another one,

Rory picked out this Aurora doll for Lily.

And Lily chose a stuffed "Clifford" and a claw for Rory.
They were big hits!

Rory picked out some new wind chimes for Mommy.
Auntie got earmuffs for her cold rides to school - one pair from Lily and another pair from Rory.

Bumpa got a book.
(And help opening it.)

There were gifts for Grammy.

And a picture of the step ladder that Mommy got a few days after Christmas.
Then we had to take a break for a snack. Opening presents is hard work.
Then we moved onto trying all our new stuff. Lily tried on her new headband.
Rory showed off her new scarf.

And tried out her new stilts.

I have no idea what she was mad about, but I love this picture!
Then she moved on to her new backpack and new boots.
Mommy tried on a new scarf while putting her newest Christmas tree up on top of the shelves with the others.
Mommy & Daddy got a new lens for the camera, so we tried that out for awhile...

And when we were all done, it looked like this.

We moved Lily's big gift from Santa, her new castle, into the playroom and she got right to work coloring it in.
Bumpa ate a gingerbread house.
We played outside for awhile, and played with the new lens some more.
Daddy tried out his new fleece.
Auntie tried out her new earmuffs.
Back inside, Rory tried out her new dress and the paints that were in her stocking.

Later that afternoon, at Lily's very specific request, we watched a movie. With a fire going. And cozy blankets. And popcorn. And hot chocolate.

We had some dinner. (Who am I kidding? We ate all day long.)
And we finished the day with a bubble bath.
Best. Christmas. Ever.