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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve!

Since Mommy, Daddy and Auntie were going out, the girls had big plans for ringing in the New Year with Grammy & Bumpa. They did stop to pose for a couple of pictures with us before we left though.Our mini-me's.
They had a case of the sillies.

After we left, there was a shower in the fancy shower and then they got the party started, complete with hats and noisemakers.
Rory just rocked her jammies.
But Lily added some fancy dress-up clothes for the dance party!

Countdown to "midnight" (at about 7pm).

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Playing Chapel.

With Bumpa's bible...


We brought the scooters to Charlotte with us, since Grammy & Bumpa live on the perfect street for practicing.

Safe to say that these gifts were a big hit!

Monday, December 27, 2010

LilyBug and Holly.

A fairy and her dog!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.

Look what we woke up to the day after Christmas!Auntie and Lily when we got out into the snow.
Bumpa and Rory.
Lily, sledding on Daddy's kitesurfing board.
Mommy sledding and dodging snow balls.
Poor Rory was freezing and had to take frequent breaks to snuggle with Grammy.
Lily making a snow angel.
Silly girls, hiding in a snowy bush.
Mommy & Rory coming down the hill.

Lily sledding all by herself!
Daddy and Rory, being chased down the hill by Lily.

Daddy and the girls.
Daddy and ALL the girls... poor, poor Scout.

So much fun in the snow! The most we've seen in a long, long time!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gingerbread House, Part II.

When we made the gingerbread house, Lily announced that we would be eating it on Christmas Day. Since it had been sitting out for over a week, we turned the girls loose on it when they asked, figuring they wouldn't get very far, since it was so crunchy.We were right, but it wasn't for lack of trying!


Christmas Afternoon.

Lily and Auntie reading one of the many new books, while wearing a new dress, of course.Rory, wearing one of her many new shirts. We couldn't keep her in one outfit!
Toys scattered, exhausted dogs, happy kids...
(No puppets were harmed in the taking of this photo!)

Christmas 2010.

Merry Christmas! There was no need to wake up the Bug, but our little Roo was still sleeping soundly when we opened her door just before 7:00.Sleepy face...
Us girls, heading downstairs. (Notice that the stubborn 4 year old had refused to wear her matching pajamas on Christmas Eve.)
When we got downstairs, Lily immediately found her scooter and was begging to open gifts. Rory was still half asleep and seemed most interested in one of Lucy's toys.
Look Rory - there's a scooter for you too!
Going for a ride.
After about two and a half minutes of enjoying her scooter, Lily had moved on to her wrapped gifts.
And the first one she opened was Bullseye.
And it was love at first sight.
Not to be outdone...
... Santa brought Rory a horse too.
Moving right along...
Santa brought Jessie too!

Rory had to be convinced to keep opening gifts, as she really just wanted to play with what she had already opened (Way to be thankful and live in the moment, Rory!)
Lily got new wings.
And so did Rory.
Rory was still wearing her wings when she got to open this pillow dog - the gift that Lily picked out specially for her. Rory got Lily a new Hello Kitty alarm clock for her room.
Oh, and Lily also got the "Long purple dress that goes all the way to the floor" that she wanted.
Lily did all her own gift wrapping this year - it was so sweet!
The girls really liked their new Hello Kitty shirts. And slippers. And ornaments. Somehow, it was the year of Hello Kitty.
They also really liked the beautiful wooden animal recorders (a cat for Lily and a dog for Rory) that Auntie got for them at a Christmas market in Amsterdam.
Taking a break for a pants-less snack. Opening presents is hard work, you know!
Poor Rory was so done by the time we got to stockings that she wouldn't go near hers. But she did help Scout. Scoutie loves Christmas! She's the only dog I know who can unwrap her own gifts.
Holly likes Christmas toys.
And so does Lucy!
After everything else had been opened, I found this one last gift that Santa had left sort of hidden behind the tree. It was for both girls, so they had to open it together.

Here's the video of them "discovering" their last gift. It's ridiculous and hilarious how very, very oblivious they were...

Of course, then we had to go try it out.
Look! We have a clubhouse! With a phone! (Why the phone is such an object of fascination when we have about 10 play phones inside is a mystery to me!)
I love this one - it's hard to tell, but Roo's feet are dangling a few inches off the ground.
First slide!
Rory's first slide...

Rory, after climbing the rope ladder like a four-year-old.
The glider is their favorite part so far. Look at the joy on Rory's face!
And Lily's!
Two girls on their swingset.
And the traditional "after" picture. Just like a hurricane ripped through the room...