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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family Photos.

In the words of Auntie, "I love seeing things from Lily's perspective!" Here's the Bug's view of her family...

Class Photo.



A friend recently returned our baby swing, as her son has outgrown it. For two kids who, as babies, never could stand the thing, the girls were ridiculously excited to see it again. It's been in the playroom for the past month or so, rocking all the baby dolls and stuffed animals in our house to sleep. It's like the greatest toy ever. So, when we banished the girls to the playroom while we brought the Christmas tree inside and strung up the lights, we probably shouldn't have been surprised to open the door and find this...
The weight limit is 25 pounds - otherwise Lily would have been happy to go for a ride too!

Raggedy Annie

Then (Mommy, circa 1980):Now:Raggedy Ann never goes out of style!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Monday is gymnastics day!We spend the whole morning at the gym, first for Lily's hour long class, and then for Rory's 45 minute session right after. Rory and I always have fun watching Lily from the observation room upstairs. She loves her teacher, Miss Melanie. And her super-small class (3-4 kids) is helping her learn a lot and build confidence really quickly.

Here she is, walking across and jumping off the big beam that she was so scared of at first:

And here she is doing one of the circuits and showing off lots of fun tricks. I think the bar is her favorite so far.

After her class, Lily sits at the side of the gym and watches Rory and I in the parent & child class. And plays with my phone, or her ipod. And, apparently, captures a lot of images for posterity. Here's what I've been finding on my phone after each class...

The gym:
Close-up on Lily's shirt (Hello Kitty):
Self portrait, with a finger over the viewfinder:
Self portrait:
Self portrait with the hipstamatic app:
Smiling self-portrait:
Lily's elbow:
Lily's toes:
The gym, but a more artistic interpretation:And again:
A picture of Rory's class playing with the parachute:
LilyBug, I am always so impressed by how quiet and well-behaved you are while Rory is having her turn at class. It cracks me up that you're finding ways to amuse yourself... keep it up, silly girl!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

First letter.

I hope that you have lots of fun in
Amsterdam!!!!! I like that I'm
going to be with you when
I grow up!
Love, -LILY!)

"Me in my bed on Christmas Eve night with snow falling."

And a picture of Auntie, Lily, Mommy, Grammy, Holly, Scout, Daddy and Bumpa.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Naptime work.

While she was (not) resting today, Lily was very busy. I went in at 4:00 to find her sitting at the desk, with a pile of papers in front of her. Among the drawings and letters, I found these.

She traced her hand, wrote "Lily!" and then added the caption "Mi Had", which is a pretty good approximation of "my hand".
And then there was this... she drew a cup of coffee, with steam coming out of it, and wrote "Cofee"
When I asked her how she knew how to write all that, she told me "I sounded out the letters." Clever girl!

Holly is a patient dog.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Discovery Place.

An early morning train ride.Our favorite part of the whole place was the bird who said "hello" and "byebye". But a close second was the tank of jellyfish.

And there's nothing better than a water table.
Except maybe a good book.
Or this exhibit, where Lily got to drop a bowling ball.
And this one, where air lifted Lily into the air.

A fabulous, fun day.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Must love dogs. (But not geese!)

This was how the girls spent their Thanksgiving morning... Snuggling with Holly while watching the parade.Helping Bumpa take Holly for a walk.
And helping Daddy walk Lucy.
And scaring away geese. What? This doesn't look scary?
Try it with the sound effects!

What Lily is thankful for...

When we arrived at Grammy & Bumpa's house last night, Lily immediately ran upstairs to "her" room. A room that previously held all of the toys and books that Grammy saved from Mommy & Auntie's childhoods and Lily's air mattress. Lily LOVES that room. But judging from the squealing that started when she got in there last night, I think she likes the new version even better.

Grammy has recently taken a part time job at a toy store, so she brought home this doll house.And this toy box, to store all of the toys she saved.
And then she got these bookshelves, and hung up Lily's artwork.
And, oh yeah, there's also this:
BUNK BEDS!!! And two little desks, complete with paper, stickers, colored pencils and crayons.
Lily is already campaigning for a sleepover with Grammy while she's here. Grammy gets the top bunk, since Lily is "a little bit scared" to sleep up there.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Last year, my friend Megan posted about her family's thankful tree, and I thought it was such a nice idea that I stole it. So every day this month, we have each written on a leaf what we're thankful for that day, and our tree has quickly filled up.Mommy & Daddy have mostly been thankful for our girls:

But also for people and things that make our jobs easier!
Lily has been thankful for her favorite characters.
And for the chance to watch a movie with her Daddy.
And her favorite foods. (And also the chance to practice writing!) (And for exclamation points!!!)
Sometimes we had to guess what Rory was thankful for...
But Rory seems to understand that the best things are people... Almost every day, when asked what she was thankful for, she would first say "Dada!" and then "Lily!"

And sometimes, she'd rattle off a whole list of all her most favorite people.

We are very thankful indeed. Happy Thanksgiving!