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Thursday, October 28, 2010


With the settings on the camera. A couple of fun shots (and a whole lot that got deleted!)

Girls' Day Out.

Mommy is not in the picture because I don't have a matching dress!We capped our morning off with lunch out. Lily can be so lady-like!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two girls in buckets.

What? We're just hanging out.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Lily's class had a visit from some local firemen. They showed the class how they dress for a fire and talked about what to do if a fireman ever came to their house.
It was an extra exciting visit because they got a fire call and had to dress and jump on their truck and rush out of the school parking lot with the lights and sirens on!

Luckily, they were able to come back to show everyone the truck.
Everyone got a turn to climb around on the truck, but Lily chose not to. She's not a fan of things that make a lot of loud noises, and I suspect she was afraid. She did bring home a hat, but she informed me that, "I'm going to use this as my work hat because I don't ever want to play fireman."

Monday, October 25, 2010

First Field Trip.

Lily's first school field trip was to the local Farmer's Market. First we met up with all of her classmates in the parking lot. Lily & her friend Kierstin were too cute posing for the camera.The kids got split up into teams and set of on a scavenger hunt for 9 different vegetables around the market. Lily was in a group with her friends Jacob and Kailey.
After the scavenger hunt, the whole class posed for a picture with the pumpkins.
The big activity was buying a pumpkin - the kids each took their dollar, picked out a pumpkin, and paid for it themselves. And then they got to decorate them with stickers.
We enjoyed a really nice picnic lunch.And then the kids got to play in the leaves until it was time to leave.The Bug asked me to stick this leaf in her hair, and then happily declared herself a fall fairy!
It was so much fun to be a fly on the wall for this day and to get to watch Lily and her friends.

Planting Pansies.

It's a tradition at Lily's school to plant pansies in flower beds around the school in October. Around here, pansies bloom most of the winter, so the kids get to see them everyday as they get dropped off and picked up. The kids get to do the planting, while also learning about feeding and watering the plants. Plus, all of this happens with the Discovery teacher, Miss Pam, whom Lily ADORES. She was so excited, she was even willing to dress in "work clothes" as opposed to her usual dress and fancy shoes combination.

Community Outreach.

Lily's music class at school took their act on the road recently. They sang for the clients at the church respite center. It looks like the kids were a big hit!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jumping Beans.

Just a typical afternoon at our house.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Movie Star.

The Bug, rocking ALL of the favors that she & Rory received at a princess/fairy themed birthday party:"Look, Mommy! I'm a movie star! I even have earrings!"

This is especially funny after last week's dinner table conversation where the rest of us were talking about the weather, or something equally unrelated, and Lily busted in with, "I don't ever want to get shots in my ears." (Pause for Shawn & I to exchange confused glances.)

"For my earrings, guys." She explained.

No worries, sweetpea, there's no rush on that.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dear Lucy!

Did y'all know we adopted a dog? While Auntie is in Amsterdam, Lucy is the 4th girl in the house (Poor Daddy!) The girls love having her. She is sweet and loving, though a neurotic shedding-machine. There were daily arguments over who got to feed her until we landed on a schedule where Lily feeds Lucy her breakfast, and Rory gets to do dinner. There are still fights over who gets to throw her a ball. This usually ends in multiple balls being thrown which just confuses poor Luce, bless-her-heart.
Today, in addition to being Mommy & Daddy's 9th wedding anniversary, is also Lucy's 5th birthday. Being an only child, she's used to being spoiled on her birthday, and the girls (mostly Lily) were happy to oblige. She even gave Lucy a necklace to wear. Can't you see how excited Lucy is??
Yesterday, Rory and I went to a snooty dog boutique to pick out fancy cookies for the birthday party. Rory chose some that look like pumpkins - very fancy!

We spent Rory's nap baking brownies for the people to have, you know, "So that we can join in on the party too, Mommy!"Here's the spread... brownies (with 5 candles, because Lucy can't blow them out herself!), dog cookies, the card that Lily insisted I buy, and my anniversary flowers.
The envelope. "Lucy!" and a picture of Lucy, including "her floppy ears".
The card that Lily chose - you know, because it has a dog on it.
"Happy!!!" She ran out of steam when it came time to write birthday.
Happy birthday, dear Lucy... (even though you seem to think we've all lost our minds!)

Lucy seemed to enjoy her cookie...

All the girls - ready for a party.
Happy birthday, Lucy Goose! Thank you to Lily and Rory for being so sweet and loving and wanting to take such good care of our newest family member.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

NC State Fair 2010

It's one of our favorite times of year - time to go to the fair!
This year, for the first time in all the years we've been going, we finally found the petting zoo!
The girls had a blast feeding carrots to the animals, mostly goats.
But there was a llama too!

And a baby cow...

And there was this guy.
Even a giant camel couldn't intimidate Rory!

Then it was off to the rides. Since Auntie wasn't with us this year, Mommy got tagged to ride the teacups. We had lots of fun before the ride started.

And after the ride started, one of us continued to have fun, laughing maniacally while Mommy tried not to throw up!

So Daddy got to go on the spinning swings.
I don't know who had more fun!

But it wasn't Rory, who watched and kept saying "Share!" while signing "Please." So sad... she's too small to go on the rides.
But she's not too small to pet the baby chicks!

As we arrived at the baby chicks and ducks, who have for some inexplicable reason terrified Lily in years past, she told me, "Remember Mommy, you hold them and I will pet them." So I did.
But half a second later, she decided that baby birds are not so scary after all!

Quack quack! See you next year, Fair!