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Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Artwork

All about Fall and Animals... brought to you by the letters "A" and "Y".

Noah's Ark, with a raccoon, a pelican, a dog and a giraffe:
Is your mama a llama?
Vet Painting:
Apple Tree:
Another Apple Tree:
Yellow collage:
Apple Prints:
Apple A's:
Yellow Yarn Y's:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The first month of school.

There are a lot more kids in the Bug's class this year! More girls too... lots more friends!

This was in her welcome basket:
This is her "Kissing Hand" that her teacher made her.
Playing in Discovery class:
Painting with her classmates.Deep thoughts by Lily.
Look how big she is!
I love her expression here.
One of the new activities this year, and something Lily is really excited about is weekly "Guess and Tell", where the kids bring something in to show their friends, inside a bag, with three clues about it, so that the other kids have to guess what they've brought. The first time, the kids were told to bring an animal, so Lily chose her buddy Max, the dog. But he wasn't "fancy" enough. So she got him dressed in this lovely shirt & skirt combo:He won an award - best dressed!
So far, school is even better this year than last year!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fancy Hair.

What happens when she does it herself.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


For months, Lily & I had been talking about her taking ballet classes. Lily was quite sure that she wanted to try again, but she was also quite sure that she wanted to start when she was five, and no sooner. So, when fall rolled around and it was time to sign up for this year's activities, I told her that it was time to sign up for ballet classes if she wanted to take them this year. She was not convinced. We went over to the studio one day to look around and get familiar with it. She was still not convinced. So one day I decided that I should just sign her up and take her to the first few weeks and see what happens. After all, she loves school. And she loves to dance. She'd be fine. Right?

In the car, on the way to the studio to sign up, not for an actual class, I heard a tiny little voice in the backseat ask, "Mommy, are you going to come to ballet class with me?" I explained that this was big girl ballet class, so I would go in with her, but not take the class. And that's when the tears started. Hysterical, sobbing tears. I had to pull the car over. Through a lot of tears, Lily was able to gulp out that she didn't want to go to ballet without me. When I pointed out that she goes to school without me, she countered with "Yes, but Lillian is there!" Point taken. So this was supposed to be fun, and clearly it was not fun for Lily. So we went home.

Meanwhile, Rory had started taking gymnastics "class". The under-two crowd mostly just got to run around and play on the equipment. And Lily thought that looked like a LOT of fun. So much so that she started asking to take gymnastics class.

We had to go to another gym to find coordinating classes for both girls, and the 4-year-old class is more structured, and of course, there are no mommies allowed. Lily panicked a little when she realized that she had to go in by herself. But she seems to really like Miss Melanie and she warmed up almost immediately and she's learning a lot. (Why did it never occur to me to teach her how to do jumping jacks?)

She still won't let me buy her a leotard, because she's "Not sure she likes it" despite how much she smiles during class. Fair enough. Here she is in action in her first class...

And here she is on the balance beam, and then waiting her turn for the trampoline again and jumping in the piy, with less hesitation this time!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Family Fun Day - Take Two

Another Saturday, this time a trip to Marbles... Rory is quickly becoming as much of an expert on this place as Lily. She started out driving the bus. (And quickly waving us away with a dismissive buh-bye!)

Lily & Mommy were busy delivering the mail.
Rory stopped playing just long enough to snuggle in the pirate's hammock inside the pirate ship.
But then she had pizzas to deliver on this bike.
And orders to take.
And then we had to go surfing.
Lily did some rock climbing.
It was such a fun morning!

Monday, September 20, 2010


That's the first word that Lily ever read, all by herself. She sounded it out, without any input from me. And nearly every day she does it again. Reading is coming! And we are so excited!

In related news, Lily's favorite books to read before bed lately are not the beloved picture books that we all know and love (and which she can "read" herself, since she has all of them memorized. For real. Over 100 of them. It's freaky!) Instead, she's all about reading one chapter of a big girl book. We're on the third Pippi Longstocking book. She's heard each of the 1st two twice, since after I finished reading the whole book to her, she started over with Daddy, "So that he gets a turn too!"

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family Fun Day

We spent a Saturday morning at the Life & Science museum chasing dinosaurs, bears and butterflies. The girls had so much fun! Rory growled at every dinosaur we saw.
Rory chasing Lily - look how little they look!
Having a snack - hope the dinosaurs don't take it!

Lily sat down and started making up a whole family history for this set of dinosaurs... there was a mommy, a daddy, a big sister and a little sister, plus an Auntie and a Scout and a Holly.
Rory was still eating and not at all interested in Lily's monologue.
Our sweet LilyBug:

After the Dinosaur Trail, we headed down to see the bears. They are never there - they are always hiding in the shade somewhere out of sight. Except this day, they were feeling playful. This little guy swam around in front of us for awhile, taking a bath and then chasing a frog.
And then wandered across the field...
And up the tree with his friend!
The girls were beyond excited. Rory was doing her best bear growl the whole time and Lily kept up a running commentary about what the bear was doing, what he had already done and what he might do next. She had the best view of him, from up on Daddy's shoulders (and with Daddy's sunglasses!)Two silly girls!

Then we had a long walk back to the main part of the museum. Despite her new leggings and fancy tap shoes, Lily's legs got tired and she needed a piggyback ride.
Then we headed in to see the butterflies. Before we got there, Lily was quite insistent that she didn't want any butterflies landing on her (she doesn't like the tickling, you see), but then she spent a good half an hour trying to catch anything that flew.
Rory was fascinated...
But as much by the flowers she was picking as by the butterflies.
Though she did stop moving long enough to get close to a few of them, which is very out of character, so we knew she was impressed.

But in the end, it was Daddy who managed to catch a butterfly, or rather, Daddy's hat.

Lily was quite sure that any butterfly that would land on Daddy would be happy to climb onto her finger. (It wasn't.)
But Daddy did help her get a closer look at a few of them.

There wre also these silly little birds wandering around inside the butterfly house.

And Lily really wanted to catch the bird. She has this idea that someday she'll get a bird to sit on her fnger and sing, just like the robin in "Spoonful of Sugar" from Mary Poppins.

And as we all know, Rory wants to do everything her big sister does.
And what family fun day would be complete without ice cream?

I love this place!
Me too! Me too!