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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Artwork.

To Mommy, love Lily:
Family portrait:
Family portrait again:
Rainbow, in markers:
Bunny rabbit:
Wiggle worms (and getting better at staying in the lines!)
"Peek-a-Boo Bunny":
And Norman, the fish:(Made with Lily's handprint!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Playing with her food.

Lily, while eating animal crackers, will often make them talk to each other. Recently, one of them was apparently yelling at her. So Lily calmly told Auntie, "I'll bite his face off so he stops yelling!" and then popped him in her mouth. Should I be worried???

Update from Auntie: "Actually, he was yelling at the other animal cracker. So she was kind of defending an animal, so no you don't need to be worried :)"

Sunday, April 25, 2010

More concert fun!

Another outdoor concert. This one ended in a major meltdown and an early ride home. But before that, there was ice cream and dancing in a tree:
And matching dresses!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


At her 4 year check-up, Dr. Wiles mentioned that now would be a good time to start having the Bug do some simple chores at home. He suggested having her be the one to put napkins on the table every night at dinner, for example, because it's something simple, something that gets done every day, and something that you can instantly tell whether or not it's been done. It's a great idea, I just need to buy some cloth napkins.

Lily, who listens to everything and forgets nothing, has been asking ever since if she can do chores. And we have learned that we can get her to do nearly anything by framing it as a chore. Cleaning up the playroom, putting her clothes away, etc. But her favorite seems to be putting away the silverware when I empty the dishwasher. She's so darn proud of herself... "Look! I'm doing a chore!"

Friday, April 23, 2010


The Bug has been going through a thunder-phobia phase. If there's a storm at night, she'll come running out of her room crying. If it's during the day, she'll cry and try to hide. She's constantly asking me to "Check what the weather page says. If it's going to storm today."

We've talked a lot about what thunder is and read some books and tried to make it less scary. It seems to be helping a little bit. During the most recent storm, she just wrapped this blanket around her head and went on playing...She was not amused at having her picture taken, however.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You're invited.

It was one of Lily's doll's birthday recently. So Lily painstakingly made invitations for all the other dolls:The first one is for herself and Rory, the next one is for Polly, then Penny, then Charlotte, and the last two spell Petunia. She's getting good at writing the letters, she's just not convinced that the order matters!

The party was a great success... everyone came and Lily prepared a lovely meal and a fabulous cake!

Monday, April 19, 2010


This is Lily at her friend Lucas' Superhero-themed birthday party. It was such a cool party - Lucas' mommy, Miss Shanna, made capes for all of the kids as favors. The activities were all superhero events, the kids won medals, and they got to make superhero wands! The boys all had a blast. Lily mostly watched, refused to wear her cape, and made this wand with a heart on it. She had a great time, but seemed to be feeling a bit shy.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Little Miss Bossy Pants

Nice family picnic, sitting in the yard. Sun shining, breeze blowing. I look over at Lily, and her hair is blowing in the breeze and shining in the sun. So I sigh, and say "LilyBug, you have the most beautiful hair!"

She looks back at me and, without missing a beat says, "You're welcome. You should concentrate on eating your lunch." Then, looking around to see if anyone else needs to be told what to do adds, "Daddy, you should concentrate on drinking your beer."


It was bedtime. Earlier in the day, the Bug had received a care package from Great Uncle Mike, with pictures, coloring pages and activities about the space shuttle. (He works at L*ckheed). So we spent a good part of the afternoon and evening talking about the space shuttle, the international space station, and astronauts. Lily was most impressed with the idea that a "space bucket" (not sure where she go that from!) had taken people to the moon and they actually walked on it! She also kept looking out the windows to see if she could see the space station.

So, bedtime. Shawn & I were both tucking her in when Lily announced, "I really want to go in a space shuttle!" And Shawn said, "I bet we can do that someday."

When I raised my eyebrow, he clarified, "At a museum."

Under my breath I said, "Dude, she means she wants to go to the moon."

And Lily quickly backed me up saying, "No Daddy... a REAL one. One that goes to the moon."

So I responded, "Well, only astronauts get to go in the space shuttle. But maybe you'll be an astronaut when you grow up." But Lily got wide-eyed, shook her head and said, "I want to be a mommy when I grow up."

(Aside: she's said this before, a couple of times in the past couple of months. And it causes simultaneous warm-fuzzies and panic in me. Warm-fuzzies because it seems so sweet and a confirmation that I am doing a good job. And panic because uh-oh, am I sending a signal to my two little girls that the best thing, or the only thing, they can do is raise children? Does my decision to stay home with them somehow limit their options? See - there's enough mommy guilt for everyone!)

Anyway, that night I decided to focus on the warm fuzzy feeling and push the panic down. So I smiled, and said, "Well, you can be a mommy if you want. But you might also want to be an astronaut. Or a teacher, or a doctor, or a vet. You can be anything you want when you grow up."

Lily nodded in agreement and then said, "Any girl thing."

So that's what failure sounds like. I guess I need to work on expanding their horizons.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Daddy's Birthday.

Lily was so excited to help celebrate! She picked out the cake ("I think purple frosting is Daddy's favorite!") She decorated the card, and signed her name as well as Rory's. She put all the candles in ("We should do ten. Because Daddy is BIG!")

Yep, she was all about the birthday celebration. Until I asked her to sing, at which point she clammed up. Too much pressure. Happy birthday anyway, Daddy!

Friday, April 16, 2010


For the Bug's birthday, Auntie got her what may turn out to be the best gift ever - one of these butterfly kits. It was fascinating for everyone. We sent away for our caterpillars and then watched them get really fat, over the course of about 5 days. And then we watched them make cocoons. And then we put them in this bigger container and waited, for about a week.
Eventually, we had five beautiful butterflies. And we were lucky enough to actually watch the last one come out of his cocoon.

For the first day, while they were still not quite up to flying, Lily got to hold them on her finger.

(You have to turn the volume up... Lily was whispering because she didn't want to scare the butterfly! So sweet.)

Rory really liked them, and desperately wanted to hold one as well.
"What do you mean I can't hold one too?!?!"
After a day of watching the butterflies drink from orange slices and flutter around in their cage, we let them go. First on the porch so we could watch them flying around a little.
And then Lily helped us catch them again, and one by one let them go outside, saying "Bye bye butterflies. Go find your butterfly friends!"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A concert!

One of the local outdoor shopping centers has a summer concert series. Every Thursday night, there's live Beach music. We went a couple of times last summer, and Lily has been asking when we could go again ever since.

I'm not sure if it's the concert that she actually likes, since last year she mostly talked about how LOUD the music is. But we usually have dinner there, sometimes with ice cream, and the fast food restaurant has both a giant inflated cow and a person wearing a cow costume. Plus, there's a dance floor just for the kids. Usually when she's asked when we could go back to this event, she's asked about "The concert where the big inflated cow is." But whatever she was excited about, she was really excited. When I told her that the concerts were starting back up again, she yelled "I want to go!!!"

We started off with dinner. Rory ate in her stroller.
And Lily ate faster than I've ever seen her, thanks to the promise of an ice cream cone.
Before we went up to where the actual event was, we stopped in T*rget, and Lily picked out these "fancy" sparkly flip flops, because "you know, the concert is a FANCY place!"

Ice cream is so yummy!
Hanging out with Daddy, who met us right after work:
The girls spent the rest of the evening on the kids' dance floor, which our friend, Miss Christy, referred to as a kiddie mosh pit. A very accurate description - it was wild in there! But they had a blast.

The cow came to check out their moves:
And we ran into Lillian there! The big girls had so much fun dancing together.

As usual with these two, they ended up giving each other lots of hugs. Very enthusiastic hugs. Which then led to trying to pick each other up and both of them falling over and tears.
But they still had a blast.
And wore themselves out!
Good times...

Update from school...

In a note from the Bug's teacher, Miss Starr:
"Lily did a great job a school. Is finally singing our class songs. Enjoyed our new vet center and listening center."

Finally. Only took 8 months!!

Here she is, playing with her friends in the vet center:

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dressing Up.

In mommy's closet.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break Oh-Ten (Part 3)

On our last day with Auntie, we went to our favorite playground.
The girls played on all the swings.

Lily got in some quality lounge-time.
And Auntie & her mini-me got some snuggles.
We love having Auntie here. All of us. But especially Lily, who told me through tears as Auntie left to drive home "I am just very sad because Auntie left." Our girls are so lucky to have her.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break Oh-Ten (Part 2)

On day two, we went to the mall. Rory, like her big sister before her, is endlessly amused by these dogs in the window.
She likes dogs so much, that she was extra excited to discover a doggie in the bear store.
And then she grabbed ahold of him, gave him a big hug, and ran out of the store!! Our little shoplifter...
Meanwhile, Lily was busy looking for the perfect new outfits for the bears she and Auntie built on the day Rory was born, Petunia & Polly.
I convinced Rory to come back into the store, where she found another dog to play with.
And then she realized she had some work to do.

Auntie distracted her for awhile though.

Both girls had to play with the giant bathtub.
And then Lily needed to do some work too.
Queen Rory:
At the play area, Lily took Rory for a ride on an ice-cream truck.
We gave Rory a turn too:

Even Auntie got to go for a ride.
LilyBug - world's sweetest cowgirl!
After all that fun, and lunch out, Lily and Auntie were very tired when we got home, and had to take a nap in the "pack 'n play" that Lily invented.

All the bears & babies were tired too!