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Thursday, October 29, 2009

October Artwork

Apple art:

Transportation stamps:
Glue & "toushie paper" school bus:

Collage of orange things:

More finger painting:
(Apparently, Lily thinks the object of finger painting is to cover
every. single. inch. of the paper with paint.)

The Bug's snack-time placemat:
This was sent home because Lily is changing classes next week. When she saw it at home though, she started to cry and said that she was going to be "Very hungry at school!"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

State Fair '09

Ah, the NC State fair... Fried stuff and farm animals and rides and some thick southern accents - what fun! Lily has been talking about going to the fair pretty much since we left it last October. Mostly, she's talked about going on the ferris wheel (which we didn't do last year) and holding the baby chicks & ducks. We'd been counting down the days til we could go, and this weekend it was finally time.

One of these years, we will remember that LilyBug needs a little bit of time to warm up and that rushing right into overwhelming experiences never goes well. But we didn't remember this year, and since it was raining when we first arrived, we ran right into the first building. Which might explain why, even after all that talk, she wasn't so sure about the ducks...

Wait, no, ducks are hilarious!

Things got better from then. Curious George was there...

In a different building, we saw horses, momma cows with their newborn calves, donkeys and goats, including this one who kept trying to eat his sign:

And there was a momma pig with 10 piglets!

Mommy milked a cow (Lily refused to help, but she did pet "Bessie"):

Then, for the first time ever, we headed down to the midway, since Lily was actually big enough (and interested enough) for some of the rides and games. First, Lily took Auntie through a fun house.

And then we walked from one end of the fair to the other. Like I said, all Lily has been talking about is the ferris wheel. So we headed over there, but she was too short by about three inches. Luckily, there are two! We were at the big one, so we walked all the way back to the smaller one, where Lily was tall enough by about a hair. Phew!

Lily & Daddy, seeing all of the fair and even downtown Raleigh from the top of the ferris wheel:

Then Lily took Auntie on the tea cups:

And she took Daddy for a ride on this silly, bouncy worm:

She couldn't wait to get on these bumper boats:

Then, Daddy suggested she take Mommy on a ride, while he fed Rory her lunch. But Lily only had eyes for this train, which she could ride all. by. herself. Thank-you-very-much!

And then, of course, she chose Auntie to ride with her on the merry-go-round...

I love this picture - Lily giving me her sassy face, and Auntie looking so shocked!

I have no idea what was so funny, but these two had a blast:

Lily was beyond delighted to realize that there is ice cream at the fair! Chocolate ice cream! With sprinkles!!!

Finally, finally, the Bug let Mommy come on a ride too. We went on the swings...

After the first couple of turns, as I started to feel nauseous and regret getting on, Lily grabbed my hand. I thought she was scared, so I smiled and told her it was okay. She looked at me as though I had suddenly grown another head and said "I'm just holding your hand so you don't fall off!" So thoughtful!

And then we had lots of fun, spinning and screaming:

I think she had fun!

Mommy, Auntie and Lily posing with our fried cookie dough. Yes, you read that right. And, yes, it was delicious!!

We love the fair! The Bug is already asking when we can go back again...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bath Time!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge!

In celebration of our 8th wedding anniversary, Daddy surprised us girls with a trip to Great W*lf Lodge...

We had so. much. fun.

The lobby was so cool. There were wolves everywhere,a clock tower where all the animals sang at storytime, and a giant stone fireplace.

Lily was so excited to get there, and was in her bathing suit and lifevest almost as soon as we were in our room!

And who could blame her?!?! This place is kid heaven! First, the was the Cub Paw pool, especially for the tiniest kids...

It had little waterslides and spray toys, plus buckets that dumped, and fountains in the floor.

And did I mention the waterslides??

Fort Mackenzie had tree houses and big waterslides! This was Lily's favorite part. She must have gone down those slides 20 times.

Lily & Daddy had a blast in the wave pool...

And then Rory swam with Daddy for awhile...

While Mommy played with Lily:

Lily loved this giant floating snake that she could ride on.

And those swim lessons from last summer finally paid off, as Lily perfected her "reach and pull" and backstroke that she had refused to do during her lessons!

She also really loved this "umbrella" of water!

Before dinner that night, Lily wandered the lobby, scolding decorative bears for climbing on lamps and tables.

The four of us, cozying up by the fire:

That night, Lily & Mommy went to storytime in the main lobby.

By the clocktower:

Lily got to wear her new pajamas:
The animals sang...

And Lily was entranced!

After "the show", there was a story and then a costume contest . And then Wiley, the wolf, came out to see the kids. Lily is usually afraid of mascots, but she ran right up to Wiley for a picture and even gave him a hug!

He joined us at breakfast the next day too!

The second day at the pool was even more fun than the first!

Rory played in the water too...

Daddy stood under the BIG BUCKET, that dumps 1,000 gallons of water at a time.

Lily thought it looked like fun, so she tried it too:

And Mommy took both girls up into the tree house.

Lily played until she was so cold her lips turned blue...

Rory dined poolside.

And stole a handful of french fries!

And oh yes, she ate them!

One more bear to pose with:

Kissing the wolves goodbye:

The four of us...