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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It's a beautiful thing.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fun at Preschool...

Playing with friends & cars:

Reading a stories in the book corner (I think this is her favorite spot!):

I think this was their first class craft project... little lambs!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby got a name...

Ah... Baby. How Lily loves her...

Baby was a Christmas gift from Grammy & Bumpa on Lily's first Christmas, so she's been with us nearly 3 years. Toys have come and gone, and other friends have been among her favorites, but she always comes back to Baby.

These days, Baby has her own blankie, made by Mommy, to match a blanket I was making Rory. And she has her own soothie, made by daddy out of an old medicine dropper so that it will actually fit in her mouth.

When Lily moved upstairs to her big girl room, we had an issue because she was trying to bring all of her friends downstairs each day, and then if we forgot something for nap or bedtime she would freak out. So we instituted the "three-things-rule", where Lily can only bring three things downstairs and then she has to bring them back up before bed. If there are only three, we can usually track them down. Nine time out of ten, those three things are Baby, her blanket and her soothie. Baby spends her days down here with the rest of us, and then sleeps with Lily for her nap and at bedtime. For awhile Lily had the cradle next to her bed and she would tuck Baby into that, but she ultimately decided that Baby needed to be tucked in right next to her.

In all this time though, Baby has always been just "Baby". I've suggested on many occasions that we give her a name, which has always been met with a disdainful "Her name is BABY!"

But, Rory got this silly sock monkey recently, which Lily loves and has been playing with nonstop. We decided one morning that the monkey, who is apparently a girl, needed a name, and one that started with "M". I suggested a whole bunch before Lily agreed to "Madeline", like the girl in one of her books.

The next day, Lily came out of the playroom holding Baby and announced that Baby needed a name. I asked her what kind of a name and she said "Maybe another Madeline." I said that we already had a Madeline and we should think of something else.

So Lily marched upstairs and started pulling books of her shelf. She considered Corduroy and Marley, but decided those were boy names. Then her eyes lit up and she pulled "Knuffle Bunny" of the shelf as she squealed "Trixie is a girl's name!"

And that's how "Baby" became "Trixie".

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bubble Bath!

Is there any better way to relax?
Bubble beard!

The Bug really enjoyed herself!

This was one in a series of rewards for making it through the night with a dry pull-up, including getting up to go to the bathroom by herself. We're so proud!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Going on a "Spider Hunt"

Don't know why - it's just what she wanted to do. And she needed a beach hat, a dress, a scarf, fancy shoes and mittens to do so.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Preschool, take two

When Lily left school the first day, she came running to the car with her teacher, squealing. She was literally too excited to form words. Her teachers told me that it was the best first day they'd ever had. And that Lily was "Very talkative. She had a lot to share." So much for our shy girl!

Anyway, it took us several days to learn how to ask the right questions to actually get her to tell us about her day. But she did... all about who used the potty like a big kid, and who talks like a baby, and the big drum in music class and the story about the dog who goes to school.

I didn't know how day two would go - would she still be so open and enthusiastic?? But when Miss Vivian arrived at our car, Lily immediately showed off her nail polish and announced that it was for waking up with a dry pull-up. She didn't even wave goodbye as Miss Vivian led her into the school.

I love many, many things about this school. But perhaps my favorite so far is the fact that they send pictures. So today, before I'd even had a chance to miss her, I had this view into Lily's day:

I arrived a few minutes early for pick-up, so I parked in the back and got to watch the kids on the playground. Lily looked so happy, and so at home. I watched her climb and jump and run, cuddle with her teacher, play with other kids and take turns driving a car. It was awesome!

Lily greeted me the same way - with squeals of excitement and giggles. (I could get used to that!) Today she learned about Mary and her little lamb. She colored a picture of a lamb. Her class celebrated one little girl's birthday. And a boy used the potty like a big boy. Good times.

First Homework Assignment

In Lily's classroom, there will be a scrapbook, where each child has a page to display their favorite things. Her teachers tell me that it is inevitably the kids' favorite thing. They will sit and look at that book for hours! So we made Lily's page this weekend...

Lily showed me where to glue the pictures and then she put on all the heart stickers.

The finished product:

Captions include "My Family at the Beach", "My dog Scout", "This is my baby sister, Rory", "This is Auntie. She's my best friend!", "Rah Rah Carolina!", "I love the beach!", "I love to dance!", and "I love to dress up and be fancy!" We also included some favorite places: Marbles, The Sea Turtle Hospital and Monkey Joe's.

She was so proud to take it to school today to show her teachers and friends!

Monday, September 14, 2009


She knows about half the states now...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Riding the big bike...

Lily decided that she wanted to go for a bike ride. Unfortunately, our driveway is mostly a hill and our street doesn't have sidewalks. So we walked up to the building behind our house, whose construction has been making us crazy for over a year, but which has a really nice, flat parking lot. And a cool, shaded parking garage. Perfect for riding practice!

Once we got up there, Lily wasn't so sure she wanted to ride. So Daddy and Rory gave her a ridiculous demonstration of how fun bike-riding can be.

She did get the hang of it eventually.

Just one more way she's such a big girl!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Day of School, continued

One more picture that her teachers sent... This is Lily with Miss Maura. Think she likes her much??!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of School

Lily was so excited this morning she could barely contain herself. She put on her new dress, frilly socks and new fancy shoes. She asked me to put her hair up in braids with "jinglies". We packed her snack in her new backpack. And she was ready to go!

Lily got a little nervous as we waited in the carpool line. I thought she might panic, but she watched a couple other kids get out of their cars, and that seemed to help. When Miss Vivian, the director, came to get her out of the car, Lily was quiet, but smiling. She gave Daddy a big hug and then hopped out. And then, when Miss Vivian asked if she wanted to put her backpack on, she said "Yeah! I have my snack in there!" And after that she was fine. She waved goodbye:

And then she walked into the school, without a glance back...

This is where her class hangs their backpacks:

Here's Lily's turtle, where her bag goes:

Lillian's Mommy snapped these ones as the girls went into the classroom:

And as they hung up their backpacks:

And here's a picture that the school sent, of Lily playing. It was in my email by the time I got home. So she was obviously having fun right from the beginning!

Here's a picture they sent from snack time:

And one from the craft table, as Lily & Lillian worked on sticker projects:

LilyBug, I am so proud of you! It has been eerily quiet around here without your constant stream of chatter, and I miss you, but I am so excited for you. And I can't wait to hear all about it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The night before Preschool...

My little LilyBug,

It can't be possible. There's no way that it's time. You can't possibly be this big. I'm quite certain it was just days ago that you learned to talk. And surely it was only weeks before that when you started walking. And it seems like it was just months ago that you were so tiny that you fit in one arm as I rocked you. I can't begin to fathom where this charming, clever, articulate little girl, who sleeps in a big bed, corrects my grammar, and is ready to go out into the world alone, has come from.

Tomorrow you start preschool.

It's a wonderful beginning for you. You will get to play and create and imagine and explore. You'll be able to play with playdough every day if you want (despite Mommy's dislike of it!). And you can play with toys that are choking hazards for your baby sister. You'll get to learn things that I don't know, or wouldn't have thought of to teach you. You will probably love every moment of it. And I am so very excited for you.

But. It's also an ending. The end of 3 and 1/2 years. Of lazy days and silly games. Of just us girls, together all the time. We will still have some of that, of course. But you will no longer be all mine.

And I think what's really bothering me is that I know where this is leading... Tomorrow I will say goodbye to you for 3 hours, twice a week. But someday, sooner than I can imagine, I will be saying goodbye to you for 8 hours, every day. And someday not long after that I will drive you to some school with all of your most important things and leave you there. For weeks, and months and years at a time. Tomorrow is the beginning of you belonging to the world. And what a lucky world.

Be brave. Be tough. Be yourself. And learn a lot. There is so much out there... go find it. I will be right here waiting for you.

I love you.

Getting ready for preschool

,To help ease the transition into school, the PTA held a playdate on the playgound. Lily was very excited to go, had a fabulous time playing and even got to meet her teachers.

And she got to have a snack with Lillian!

Then, the day before school started, we got to go in for a one-hour "mini day". Sort of a trial run, with Mommy & Daddy there. Lily was thrilled to check out the toys, and meet some of the kids in her class:

I think she's ready!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big Girl Adventure

While we were in Charlotte for the holiday weekend, Lily spent a day with Grammy & Bumpa. They rode the new train into uptown and went to the kids museum there. Lily was so cute, and so excited. She picked out her fancy dress, fancy shoes and frilly socks. (And then wore her mis-matched sweatshirt over it all day!) She had me put her hair up in pigtails, with fancy "jinglies" in them. She packed her camera in her purple, sparkly purse. And they were off!
(On the train - so excited!)

This picture must have been right before Bumpa gave Lily a piece of chocolate...
When she came home, she had a little chocolate on her sweatshirt, so I asked her what she got to eat that was chocolate. And she told me "Chocolate CANDY! Bumpa said it was a secret!"

Here's Lily & Grammy rocking...

And Lily & Bumpa trying out hurricane force winds in the wind tunnel. Lily told me that "I had to hold Bumpa's hands so I didn't fall down."

There was a pirate exhibit, so Lily tried out steering the boat:

And looking at the pirate ship:

And listening to the pirate:
When I asked if the pirate said "Arg!", Lily told me "No. He talked like us." Apparently we all speak with a British accent!

I don't know who they were calling in this one:

There was a dollhouse to play with:

And a small grocery store area. Apparently, Lily was very upset that there was only one shopping cart.

But there were trains:

And a place to build towers:

And a tiny tea set:

And dinosaurs:

But I think by far her favorite part of the day was riding on the train:

She had so much fun. My big girl...