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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Overheard today, from the sweetest girl:

  • "I love you Rory! You're my best baby sister!"
  • "I'm her big sister, so I can do things for her..." (as she replaced the pacifier that had fallen from Rory's mouth)
  • "You're my BEST Mommy!"
  • "You're the best Daddy in the whole wide world!"

Some days are just incredible.

Lily's Trip to Charlotte

Unlike her sister, Lily doesn't mind a ride in the car, even while sitting next to a crying baby. And she too had a blast visiting Auntie's house, where there's a pool...

And Lily loves Grammy & Bumpa's house, where there are toys and books and ice cream and a computer...

And blueberries...

And Aunties...

And where there was Uncle Mike, willing to play all kinds of games and read stories:

I think Lily wore him out!

Lily & Bumpa's Day of Fun

This post is long overdue... Two weeks ago, Grammy & Bumpa were in town, and Daddy was hard at work on the screened-in porch, so Lily decided a trip to M*rbles was in order. And since Bumpa has recently acheived "best friend" status, it quickly became Bumpa & Lily's Day of Fun.

Here they are, getting ready to try out every. single. thing. in the place:

First, they went for a drive:

Then Dr. Lily had to give her baby a check-up:

And then Bumpa needed a check-up:

Then a baby cow needed some cuddles:

And there were packages to be sorted:

Meanwhile, Rory was asleep in her sling, with Grammy:

And then there were trains to play with:

And groceries to buy:

And meals to serve:

Plus, there was a whole "Under the Sea" world to explore:

Including strange species of fish:

We searched for buried treasure...

And Grammy painted Lily's face:

There were drums to play:

And then a rest was required:

For everyone...

But then there was work to be done:

And trampolines to try out:

And tu-tus to try on!

Ballerina Girl:

There were craft projects to be done:

The finished products:

And, finally, there were rocks to climb and jump from:

After all that fun, Bumpa treated Lily to lunch at her favorite restaurant, including an ice cream cone!

I think it's safe to say the Bug had the best. day. ever!

Bathing Beauties!

While at Auntie's house, we realized that we hadn't brought a bathtub for Rory, so Lily finally got her wish and they got to take a bath together!

Lily was so excited, but Rory was a little overwhelmed at first.

Lily happily volunteered to was Rory's belly button:
And then gave her some bathtime snuggles!

Exactly how many people does it take to wash one wiggly baby?