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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pop Quiz

Which is which???

The one on the top is Rory, tonight. The bottom one is Lily in June of 2006. Same silly bunny towel, such similar faces!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


We took Rory for her three month photos today and thought it would be a good time to try and get some of the girls together (in super adorable matching dresses!) Our shy little Lily ended up being quite the model!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Lily turned to Auntie tonight at the dinner table and struck up a conversation with, "So, I exercised today. I did 40 pounds!"

When we had all caught our breath from laughing she added "I'm just being silly! I didn't exercise today!"

Monday, June 22, 2009

Snuggly Sisters

So sweet...

Sunday, June 21, 2009


She can leap tall ottomans in a single bound!

But then, she needs a rest...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Love Bug

It's the best part of my day these days... Lily's new favorite game is announcing at bedtime that she's "all out of hugs and kisses". None left - she can't give us any, because she's all out. What she needs is for Mommy or Daddy to give her about a dozen hugs and then cover her whole face with kisses. Sometimes she's all out of snuggles too, so we have to give her some of those. Then, after she's "all full-ed up", she'll give us hugs and kisses and say goodnight.

On the nights when Rory takes a little longer to put to bed, I will "sneak" into Lily's room after Daddy has already put her to bed and climb into bed with her. She'll look at me, big blue eyes and big smile on her face and ask, "Are you all out of hugs and kisses?" And when I say that I am, she'll do the whole thing in reverse... giving me a whole bunch of hugs (complete with squeezing noises!), and then snuggles (saying "Snuggle! Snuggle! Snuggle!"), and then giving me kisses all over my face.

Like I said, it's the best part of my whole day.

I love you, Love Bug!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Sweetest Girl

I have to brag to you all that I have the world's sweetest girl. No one is sweeter than my Lily.

I came home from work today to find my darling child eating her dinner happily. She sees me and says "Hi Daddy!", so happy to see me. I respond in kind. After a little pause, she says to me "I really love you daddy!"

See, unprompted declaration of love... the world's sweetest girl.

Then she says, "I really don't love you when you're workin'."

Oh well, win some lose some.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

She's a Mac.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fancy Lily

In all her "Fancy Nancy" apparel!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Trip to the Zoo

We took a road trip this weekend to the zoo, which is conveniently located halfway between our house and Grammy & Bumpa and Auntie's houses. We had so much fun...

We saw elephants:

And zebras:

And rhinosaruses:
And flamingos:

There was a giant elephant board game to play...

And a helipcopter to fly:

And in case we ever weren't sure where to go next, we had our own little tour guide to help us out:

I think that one of the highlights of the day for Lily was riding in a stroller. The Bug has always wanted to walk everywhere since the day she learned how. But, now that Rory rides in a stroller, she suddenly wants to as well. And since the zoo is about a five mile walk, we decided to bring a stroller for Lily. She was so excited!

Besides all the real animals, there were bronze sculptures all over the place that you could climb on. At first, Lily wasn't too sure she wanted to. She was nervous near the elephants (but Auntie wasn't!):

And needed encouragement by the rhinoceroses:

But by the time we found the bison, she was all over it:
"I'm as big to the trees!"

And she scrambled right up this rock to get close to the cougar:

There was a playground that Lily & Auntie had a blast on:

Rory had fun too. She took a nap on Daddy:

And then one on Bumpa:

And another one on Auntie. She slept right through the polar bear exhibit. But then she woke up:

She wanted to see the gators, and the chimps:

She also spent some time cuddling with Grammy:

And she also, during a diaper change gone out of control, pooped all over Mommy & Daddy, and the ground - never a dull moment!

Did I mention that there was ice cream at the zoo??? With sprinkles!

Lily & Grammy had so much fun together:

By the end of the day, Lily was a little loopy. While we were looking at the lions, she was insisting that we were watching the chimpanzees:

The new attraction at the zoo is the platform for feeding giraffes. We were there on opening day, and unfortunately, the giraffes aren't sure about getting so close to the humans yet. But we had a great view of them, even if they didn't want to eat...

This was our first big outing as a family of four, complete with a road trip, outfit changes, and a full day away from home. And it was the best day we've had in awhile. I know LilyBug had fun, because she told us, unprompted, on the way home "The ef-a-lents and my ice cream were the favorites!" Once we were home, that list was amended to include the rhinoceroses, giraffes and the helicopter. Oh, and she had to sleep in her new t-shirt: