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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The love continues...

Reading a story to "my baby" in her room:

"How 'bout dis?!?! How 'bout you hold me too???"

Reading a story with Auntie and Rory:

"Look at her teeny tiny chin!"


A kiss:

Monday, March 30, 2009

More Amazing Adventures with Auntie and Lily (And Some Bears)!

What are two girls to do while Mommy's getting ready to have a baby? Build some bears! After some serious consideration, Lily chose really special bears for herself and for Baby Sister. We filled them with love (and stuffing!), then headed to the bear bathtub where the real work began:

"Dey're nice an clean an shiny!"

After all that cleanliness, the bears needed to take a power nap in some dog beds, of course!

So many bear clothes, so little time:

I better get out of here before Auntie changes her mind!

A girl and her "cub condos":

I think it's true love!

Thanks for a beary good time Lily :)


...just awesome!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lily is a big sister!

Baby sister Rory was born tonight at 6:46 pm. Lily was able to meet her about an hour later, and it was love at first sight.

More details will be posted on Rory's NEW blog http://StoryofRory.blogspot.com

It must have been such an exciting night from Lily's pint of view. When she woke up from her nap, we had left for the hospital. The first thing she asked when Auntie went in was "Are Mommy & Daddy home?" When Auntie told her no and asked if she could guess where we were, she guessed a meeting, Target and Walmart, before Erin told her that we were at the hospital. To which Lily gasped "To get baby sister??"

Then, after dinner and her bath, when they were sitting on her bed reading a story, Auntie got the call from Daddy to come to the hospital. So in her pajamas and late at night, they jumped in the car and came over. Lily was giddy when Daddy met them in the lobby. And she entered the hospital room with her arms extended and "gimme" fingers. She couldn't wait to hold her sister!

Overheard from Lily:
"And her name is Petunia!" when we told her Rory's name.
"Why doesn't she have any clothes?"
"I like her!" as she patted Rory when she cried.
"She has the littlest tiny nose!"
"I'm going to show her how to go down the slide!"
"Her big toe isn't big as mine." as she examined Rory's feet.
And finally, as she was getting ready to leave, "Okay Rory, you are gonna stay here and take a nap wif Mommy! Who should give you back, Auntie or Daddy? Auntie? Okay!"

It was my proudest moment as Lily's mommy to watch her with Rory for the first time.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Just Lily

Silly Girl:

Lily's best "Pr*ncess Br*de" Impression:

What happened when I said I wanted to take a
"Squishy-Face Picture":

What I actually meant:

Sweet Girl:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life as we know it...

...is over. Lily opened her door during naptime for the first time ever today. (She also did it this morning before Daddy went up to get her.) This from the kid who seemed unaware that she could even get out of her bed by herself for the first few months.

Anyway, this afternoon, I had just gotten downstairs after tucking her in when I heard the door crack open and then close again about 3 seconds later. By the time I got back up there, she was already back in bed and under the covers, laying her head down on her pillow. When I asked, "What are you doing?" her reply was "I'm jus' layin' here!" So I asked if she had opened the door and she said "Yeah. I was just lookin' out there."

I told her that during quiet time she needs to stay in her room, so that I know she's safe in there. Since then, she's been singing, chatting and generally having a party, but the door has stayed closed. It's the end of an era though.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A good day.

Today was a good day. We did some puzzles. We played dress up. Here you are - Lily the snow fairy:

We went to Kinderm*sik. You were silly & fun and happy to play with your friends. And you talked Miss Ginny's ear off, as usual.

Mommy wasn't feeling too well when we got home, but you were helpful, and gentle and affectionate. And you told me "I like to help you!" Thanks LilyBug - you are my best little helper!

You took a long nap. And while you were in your room, you dressed up Rodeo, your turtle, in Baby's jammies. In fact, when I came into your room, you were singing "Turtles in pajamas! Turtles in Pajamas!"

We went to a park this afternoon - the first trip of spring. We walked down to see the ducks. And you had a blast riding, sliding and climbing:

And digging in the sand:

And swinging "Weally, WEALLY high":

Sometimes with no hands:

Our little daredevil. This from the little girl who used to cry in the swings. You wanted to ride on the baby swings today because "The big kid ones are a little fall-y when you swing weally high. These ones are better for going weally high!"

At dinner, which was uneventful and during which you actually ate, I got an unprompted "Mommy, I love you".

You had fun in your bath with Daddy, gave us lots of hugs and kisses, and went to bed a happy little girl.

We still had to tell you no about a hundred times today. You still cried and fought to get your own way. You are still struggling to find your independence. And we are still struggling to teach you good manners and that sometimes you have to listen to Mommy & Daddy - sorry Sweetpea, that's just life.

But still.... a good day.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bad Mommy

Dear Lily,
I made you cry tonight. You made me cry too, but somehow that doesn't seem as bad.

We had a wonderful day together. We ran some errands. You wore your "Ve-wy fancy dwess!". We played Memory. When I didn't get matches, you would tell me "I'll get you a match Mommy!" and then pick the correct cards and hand them to me. You took a good nap and woke up all smiles and giggles. We played some more. We read lots of stories. Lots. You did a lot of painting. And then you got to wash out your paint brushes, which is somehow your favorite activities lately.

And then it was dinner time. Daddy was held up in a meeting, so it was just us all evening. And dinner time has been a bit of a battle lately, with you refusing to eat anything that isn't mac & cheese. But I offered to make you an egg. And you love eggs. But you specifically love omlettes, with cream cheese, and we are out of cream cheese. But you helped me put in some other cheese, and stir it all up, and then you watched me cook it.

So we sat down to dinner and you gobbled up your strawberries and then began the long, drawn-out, infitately frusterating process of NOT. EATING. YOUR. DINNER. We sat for an hour as you pushed food around your plate, put it in your moth and refused to swallow and generally made Mommy crazy. I would totally believe in just putting you to bed hungry so that you'll learn to just eat what's served. But we've tried that and you wake up with crazy-low blood sugar and you're so hungry your refuse to eat in the morning and it's a whole vicious cycle.

So, after an hour, I was entirely frusterated. I told you that you weren't being very nice and that you couldn't have dessert. And then I marched you upstairs, in tears, and "punished" you by not letting you have a bath - I showered you off instead. And while you were standing there in the tub, sobbing because you don't much like showers and because Mommy wasn't being particuarily kind, you looked up at me and said "I'm sorry Mommy." And then "I want to be nice!" And then we were both in tears.

I feel an intense pressure these days to try and make each day you & I have together as close to perfect as possible, because any one of them could be the last day we have, just you & I together. And tonight I failed, miserably. I am so sorry, my sweet girl. Please know that Mommy loves you, even when you're "not nice". And I will try to have more patience tomorrow.

Love always,

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Visit from Quinn!

Lily was so excited to get a visit last week from her friend Quinn and his mommy, Steph. The kids had a blast playing together...

Riding together in the car:

Holding hands:

Quinn was an almost-constant ball of motion:


Enjoying a snack out on the deck:

We were so glad you guys could visit - hope to see you again soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thank you

Dear Lily,

You probably won't remember our trip to Florida last week, but you should know that you were my hero. It was not an easy trip for me. My grandma Milly passed away last week. She was one of the coolest, funniest, sassiest people I know... you have a lot in common with her... and I'm so sad that she is gone.

It was a long, hard trip, just you and me, almost 10 hours in the car each way. The timing of everything made you miss your naps and stay up late. We had to be quiet during the viewing and sit still during the funeral. There were strangers with boundary issues talking to and touching my shy girl on her head and hands. It had all the makings of a completely awful trip, but you, you handled it like a champ. You made the trip fun and kept my head in a good place. Thank you.

We only introduced the idea of death to you earlier in the week, so you were trying to figure it out on our way to the viewing:

"Where are we going?"
"We're going to say goodbye to Grandma Milly."
"How are we saying goodbye?" (How means Why)
"Because she died and we won't get to see her again."
"How did she die?"
"Well, her body stopped working."
"How did grandma Milly's body stop working?"
"Sometimes when people live for a long, long time, their body just stops working."
"Oh, well, dat makes me sad."
"It makes me sad too munchkin."

You handled all the strangers talking to you at the viewing so well... shy, but well. All you wanted to do though was stare at your cousin Juliette (Christa's six-week old who made the long trip out from California). Luckily, she was receptive to your ogling.

It was so good to have you in there and at the funeral. You kept everything light. At one point during the funeral, I was trying to keep myself together and you grabbed my hand and looked up and batted your eyes at me. You were just being silly, but it was perfect.

Thank you Lily, for being you. You helped Daddy through a particularly difficult time and I'm grateful. I love you Lilybug.


The trip in pictures

We left first thing in the morning on Wednesday, but had to leave your mommy behind as she was just too pregnant for such a long trip. After a completely cheerful trip all day (with no nap), this was your first action in Florida:

That's right, without me even mentioning it, or opening your bag, you moved into the hotel room. Of course, you took three of the four dresser drawers. That's okay, I made due with just one.

After a nice IH0P dinner with your Auntie 'Lissa, Uncle Eric, and favorite cousins Evan and Megan, we headed up to bed. You were so excited to sleep in your "Gweat big bed!" I could barely find you in there...

Here you are holding "Baby Juliet", and with your cousins Evan & Megan:

Trying on Auntie 'Lissa's shoes & Grandma Milly's jewelry:

We had an extra day down there, so on Friday, we tried to give you and your cousins a fun day. First, we had breakfast with everyone:

And then we went to the zoo. You had been there on our last visit to Grandma Milly's and totally remembered it. Not surprisingly, the giraffes were your favorite:

They let you feed crackers to the giraffes at this zoo. You preferred to have me do the actual feeding while you watched because "da giraffes are weally, WEALLY big!!"

Cousin Evan had no such fear:

The Petersen family with the giraffes:

Lily in a box:

"I was jus' playin' in dare!"

The girls at the zoo:
(Christa & Juliette, Lily, Melissa & Megan)

You can also feed some of the birds. Again though, you were more interested in observing than actually doing.

On Saturday, we headed back home. You were a trooper in the car, again! You even took a nap... under two blankets. I had to blast the AC, so I sat up front shivering and you still woke up a sweaty mess.

The rest of the time, you amused yourself by playing with my iP*d, coloring, "doin' some stickerin'", and listening to your books on cd over, and over, and over...

You were such a great traveling companion, and as always, you exceeded my expectations. You are awesome.