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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Toddler Translation

At dinner last night, Shawn was telling a really boring story from work (no offense...) and as it went on, Lily kept trying to jump into the conversation. At one point, Shawn was talking about "taking the sum of the parts", at which point Lily started practically jumping up & down in her chair and said "And mine!! And mine!!" 

We both looked over to see her pulling on her thumb, hard, with her other hand. Once she saw that she had our undivided attention she announced "I takin' my thumb apart!" 

The sum of the parts... thumb apart. Such a little goofball!

Monday, September 29, 2008


Lily has learned a new word - probably - but isn't entirely sure how to use it yet. Two examples...

Dinnertime. Daddy offers Lily a nectarine. Lily has been having issues lately with skin on fruit, so I think what she was trying to express is that she wasn't sure about having the nectarine, since the skin feels funny in her mouth and is hard for her to swallow. What came out was "It's prob-bly a little unattractive by swallowin' it." Good point, Lily.

Then, when Daddy asked Lily how her day had been, she replied "It was prob-bly fascinated." How can you argue with that???

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just sweet...

A gorgeous day at the park... complete with sunglasses, braids and a "new dwess dat Gwammy got me!"

When I got her up from her nap, Lily informed me that "My bwaids took a little nap wif me!"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lily's Four-Star, Red-Letter, Super-Fabulous Day!

Today, after weeks of her asking , indeed begging, Lily and I finally had a chance to go to Marbles. I think it's safe to say that she was pretty excited... giddy may be a better word to describe her mood!

In fact, she picked out her clothes yesterday afternoon, when I told her we would be going. When Lily got up this morning, she was running around the house, squealing and asking over and over "Are we gonna go to Marbles??"

When we arrived, she made a bee-line for all of her favorite things. First, the bus:

Then, she found a baby to love on.

Baby needed quite a bit of medical attention...

Then it was time to do some grocery shopping:

And, after paying for all her food at "da payin' thing",

Lily thought it was time to do some cooking, and some eating:

After that, we played a quick game of chess:

And then moved on to the transportation portion of the morning...  First she drove a boat:

And, you know, Safety First!

Then Lily wanted to go for a drive, but first she had to gas up the car:

We made a quick stop at the train tables:

Before moving on to the mail truck:

Lily had a LOT of work to do, organizing all of the letters and packages:

To relax, she spent some time on the farm:

And made some phone calls:

She was a little shy on-stage, even in the beloved rain boots:

But she was really into gardening:

After climbing all over the pirate ship and splashing like a mad woman in the water table, Lily may have found her favorite thing in the whole place:

Yup, the hand dryers. Good times, I tell ya!

We had a ridiculously good time, and now we both need a good nap!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Big Gull Woom!"

That's Big Girl Room, and Lily's got one.  We've been working on this all summer... and we're just about done. First Shawn sanded and I repainted this furniture, that Grammy & Bumpa bought for me when I first moved to a big girl bed... 28 years ago!

Then the search was on for a bedspread that would go with the rug & curtains from the Bug's nursery. Thank goodness for T*rget... Lily was so excited the day we found this!

A close-up on the headboard, where the bug theme is continued with the ladybug, butterfly & dragonfly that I painted...

The dresser & mirror, with more bugs!

And, perhaps Lily's favorite feature, her flower lights that we got at Ik*a when she was about 4 months old. We could never find the right place for them in her old room, but here they will be on either side of her bookshelf, and they're just right!

The Bug is a big fan of her "big gull woom"!  We play up there almost daily, reading stories and playing with friends. Whenever anyone comes over she asks if they want to go upstairs to see her big girl room...

... Oh, did I not mention that the room is upstairs... as in all-the-way-upstairs-on-a-completely-different-level-of-the-house-from-us?? Yes, I am a little nervous about this! 

Which is why Lily doesn't actually sleep up there yet. Because her mommy's not quite ready to move her out of the crib and up the stairs. But she will move in the next couple of months. 

Which will be good timing, since she's going to be a big sister at the end of March.

Friday, September 19, 2008

She's may have a purse problem...

... These are Lily's purses. Actually, only some of them are hers. A few of them used to be mine, but Lily has claimed them for herself.

In her purses are all of Lily's most precious treasures: jewelry, pictures, cards, a wallet full of old gift cards, stuffed animals & all of her finger puppets, keys, more than one cell phone, books, her camera, some old receipts that now have notes written on them, and empty Tupperware containers that contain invisible food and treats. On some days, you may even find a real snack in one of them. One purse seems to be specially set aside as a diaper bag, and has things to take care of her friends - food, bottles and toys. And in one of my old purses, there are several pairs of Daddy's underwear - who knows what that's about?

What's amazing to me is that at any given moment, you can ask Lily where something is, and she knows exactly which purse to go to.

These purses are always hung on the back of Baby's stroller, which is constantly falling over backwards, due to the weight. Poor Baby...

Thursday, September 18, 2008


My little LilyBug, you are also my little bookworm.

Sometimes you want to do a puzzle, or play dress-up, or cook in your kitchen. A lot of times you want to color or paint. But probably 80% of the time, if you have a choice, you will choose to "weed a sto-wy". Lately the request comes in the very polite form of "Mommy, do you maybe want to weed me a sto-wy??" And who can turn that down? Most times you want someone to read to you, but sometimes you like to read to yourself or to one of your friends. This is no problem, for while you have well over 100 books now, you have nearly every. single. page. memorized. It never ceases to amaze me. You are well known for correcting anyone who accidently skips a page, mispronounces a word, or (heaven forbid!) says a wrong word.

Some of this is our doing, since being read to is the only passive entertainment you get. Someday this may horrify you, but at nearly three years old, you've never watched TV. No movies, no portable DVD player in the car, and the TV is never on when you're awake. We figure you have years and years ahead of you to be plugged in to computers, email, cell phones, movies, tv's, dvd's mp3's and whatever else is out there. We like that people and books are your only influences right now. It cracks us up that you must be the only two-year-old in America who refers to the Big B*rd and Elm* on your diapers as "da duck" and "da mon-sir". Plenty of time for all that. So, in part, we've set you up to love books.

But I hope that a lot of it is just you. You come from a long line of readers. People who love nothing better than to have their nose stuck in a good book, escaping and exploring from the comfort of the couch, or the bed, or best of all, the beach! A love of books and reading will serve you well in life. So hang on to it... even after the distractions become a part of your daily life.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The enforcer!

Lily knows the rules, and she is not afraid to let other people know when they are being violated. In fact, she's kind of a stickler. Here's what I've overheard lately:

"It's not your turn yet!" to her grilled cheese, when part of it slipped into the ketchup while she was still eating another piece.

"NO SHOES IN DA HOUSE!" to anyone who tries to makes it past the front rug without removing their shoes.

"We don't fwo books, Auntie!" when Auntie dropped a book out of the chair they were reading in.

"Mmm-hmm is not a an-sir!" We worked pretty hard on getting Lily to actually answer questions with a 'no thank-you' or 'yes please' instead of just mumbling "mm-hmm" or "uh-uh". But now no-one else is allowed to say either of those!

A teaching opportunity... or not!

Lily & I were in the car, heading home from the grocery store and she was talking to me about her Curious George book, when she asked me, "Where was George's mommy?"

My answer was "Well, George doesn't have a Mommy. He just has the man in the yellow hat, who's like his Daddy."

And then I thought - Oh! This is a teaching opportunity! About how there are lots of kinds of families. 

So, I went on... "See Lily, some people have a mommy and a daddy. And some people just have a mommy, or just have a daddy. And some people have more than one mommy or daddy. But you just have a mommy and a daddy."

Her response? "An' I gotta cow at Auntie's house!" 

True. How can I argue with that??

Monday, September 15, 2008

There are letters everywhere!!!

A whole new world has opened up to the Bug in the last two months. Thanks to some fabulous books - mostly Harold's ABC (love that purple crayon!)  - Lily has learned all her letters! 

She can identify capitol letters, spell her name, and usually rattle off some animal or object that begins with whatever letter you give her. At first, she just noticed letters in the expected places - her alphabet puzzle, her ABC blocks, and in a few other books that are actually about letters.

But now, she sees them everywhere... she's constantly telling me "Dare's a Fed-Ex twuck! It has two X's on it!" while we're in the car. Or pointing to each letter in T*rget, including the "O" at the beginning - the little target emblem. Or at the letters spelling Old N*vy on her socks. She gets so excited when she spots some letters in a new place. Every single time it's a brand new discovery.

The funniest incident was when she noticed the letters & numbers on my license plate and carefully pointed each one out to me, then announced: "Dat says 'Mommy's Car'!"

You are a clever girl, LilyBug, and we are so proud of you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Overcoming Fears...

The books and internet articles all say that toddlers have irrational fears. They don't, however, warn you that YOU might be the cause of these fears...

A few months ago, we got a really big rainstorm, and because of the construction, our yard flooded, with clay and clay-colored water. I panicked a little, because our basement flooded a couple of years ago. As I walked from room to room and from window to window, surveying the madness, Lily followed me and got more and more upset. Oops. I tried to back-peddle, to explain that it was just rain and that it was good for the trees and the grass and the flowers. That our driveway was just taking a bath. But the damage was done. 

For months now, whenever it has started to even sprinkle, Lily has gotten a little panicky and asked "Is dare gonna be oh-nage water?" That's orange water, for those of you that don't speak Lily. She has retold a thousand times the story about how "When dere was oh-nage water, Mommy said OH BEE BALM! (some plants that got knocked down) an' she looked out da window to see where da oh-nage water was goin' an' den Mommy checked the lellow floor (in the basement) to see if dare was oh-nage water on da lellow floor!"

To be clear, she's not scared of thunder - she loves thunder! In fact, last night she asked me what thunder says and I approximated a rumbling sound. Her response? "Thunder says hello Lily! How are you doin'?" She's also not scared of lightning or how dark it is when it rains. She's scared of the rain itself.

Last week, we had to go run some errands while it was raining, and it was really traumatic, all kinds of crying and panic in the car. I tried singing songs, I tried again to tell her how much we need the rain, I tried just holding her and telling her it was all going to be okay. I even bought her rain boots. She loves them, but we've asked her several times since if she wants to wear them and splash in the puddles, and it only results in tears.

But today... after her nap, I asked if she wanted to go check the mail. This is a favorite activity most days. But today, it was raining. I told the Bug that she could wear her rain boots. "An' my rain coat?" Sure. "An' your little uh-lell-uh?" Absolutely!

"Hey, this rain stuff isn't so bad!"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Random acts of Lily

This afternoon, while playing: "Mommy, can you give me some braids?"
Mommy: "Heck, yeah! I've been waiting my whole life for this!"

Maybe we should have named her Heidi... that or Pippi!

This morning, upon noticing that last night after she went to bed, Shawn & I moved the entertainment center and TV from the living room up to the guest room, Lily announced "You guys moved dat!" and then "We gotta get a 'nodder one for da livin' woom!" 

When we got back downstairs, Lily noticed the indentations left in the carpet from the cabinet and asked what they were. Trying to reassure her, I told her that they were just marks and that they would go away. All day long, whenever she has walked into the living room she has stopped to shout at the carpet, "Go away marks!!!" It's very helpful.

And then, when Shawn got home, she asked "Do you maybe wanna walk up da street and see all da tings in da dirt? The back-hoes an' bulldozers an' dump twucks an' twucks an' cars??" There is some major construction going on behind our house and Lily is endlessly fascinated by what "Da boys" are doing back there. Months ago, we walked up to watch the bulldozers. We haven't spoken of it since, but today was a day for bulldozers apparently! They got back and Lily turned to Shawn and said "We had such a good time!"

Friday, September 5, 2008

Words I will never correct...

  • Flutterfly
  • Slip - Slops
  • Ef-a-lent

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sweet & Sour

The scene: 
Lily & I are in the car, in an unfamiliar part of town, trying to find the cable office, to switch out our cable box. I have to make three different three-point turns and mutter under my breath several times "Where is the stinkin' building??" and "I can't figure out where we're going!!" Finally, we arrived, and walked into the office to discover a line of about 20 people.

A nice lady with a baby on her hip said hi to Lily. Imagine my surprise when my normally shy girl, who sometimes won't make eye-contact with people she adores, smiled at this stranger and announced, loudly "Mommy couldn't figure out where da buildin' was!" The whole room erupted in laughter and an older gentleman pointed out that I will never have any secrets. Um, you think??

The scene:
Bedtime. Lily has picked out her story and turned on her nightlight. Daddy is sitting in the rocking chair, and Mommy's on the floor, waiting for my hug & kiss. Lily gives me a big hug & kiss and I tell her that I love her and to have sweet dreams.

Lily says "I love you" and then pulls away, looks at me carefully and asks "Are you goin' to seep too?" I tell her yes and she replies "Have seep well!" 

Sometimes, LilyBug, you just melt my heart. I love you.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tub Time!