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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Play dough!

What dis is??

I can play wif it!

Look what I make Mommy!

Dis is a can-al!
(A "candle", for the cupcake she had made. It's always someone's birf-day around here!)

Ashley & Vinny, thanks for the playdough - it's a big hit!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm a bird! I'm a witch! I'm a flutterfly!

More dress up fun...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Quotable Lily

I do dis ev-er-wy single person ever.
-As we were taking apart a puzzle. Not sure what she was trying to tell me.

I sleepy and tired.
-Not just sleepy, and not just tired. This one is a daily proclamation.

I need a co-no.
-At nap & bedtimes - she likes to snuggle with just a corner of her pink blanket.

Mommy, I'm a little upset.
-One day when I went in to get her up from her nap. When I asked what she was upset about, she said "I happy!"

He's like dried up bones.

-As we were doing a puzzle that features a triceratops, which, in one of her books, ends up as dried up bones.

Like Nevada!

-We were looking at a picture book and I pointed out a desert. Another book she has talks about the desert in Nevada. She is very into drawing comparisons lately... "My shirt is blue like mommy's jeans are blue and dat cup is blue and my ball is blue!"

Dis is a "Sharp"! He gots sharp teef. I gotsa be careful wif him!
-As we were doing a puzzle that features a shark.

Mommy love to read me dis!
-Because when she asks me to read to her, my reply is (almost) always "I'd love to!"

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ducks & Friends

Today Lily & I drove up to Wake Forest to go to "Herb Fest", where the main attraction for the under-five crowd is the Duck Parade! The whole ride up there, Lily kept asking me "What we goin?" And when I would tell her Wake Forest, she'd ask "Where's da fo-west?"

We met some friends from playgroup and before the parade, the girls got to visit with the ducks. Emily & Lily were thrilled... I think the ducks were less so.
The parade itself was a little bit of a let down... here's the whole thing:

But this photo op afterwards was well worth the trip:This is Lily with her friends Emily & Lillian, two of her buddies from playgroup that she's been lucky enough to hang out with every week since she was 8 weeks old.It is truly amazing to watch these kids running and actually playing together. And it's a little hard to remember when they would just lay next to each other on blankets and stare at the ceiling!

How time flies!

Thanks for the Vocabulary Lesson, Auntie!

Lily turned to me today at lunch and said "Mommy is obstinate!"

For the record, I was being very agreeable as I shared my chips with her!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have (More) Fun!

This blog has been taken over by Lily (with some typing assistance from her Auntie Erin). We got my mommy and daddy to leave for 2 whole nights this time! This is how I entertained my Auntie while they were gone:

First I made her take me back to one of our favorite hangouts, the park. I showed her my crazy multi-tasking skills as I sipped on my milk while sitting on a big kid swing

And I taught her that a clean slide is a happy slide as I meticulously brushed every grain of sand off

I once again proved that two year olds are way too fast to capture on film (with their eyes open!)

I showed Auntie that with a little patience and a lot of digging, you can find the perfect rock

And spent a little alone time in some giant tires
After some lunch and a little quiet time (Auntie napped while I entertained 13 of my closest stuffed animal friends in my crib) I demonstrated how I've learned to read backwards AND upside down!
And caught Auntie up on what Mommy and I have been doing in Kindermusic the past few weeks
I tried, but Auntie still doesn't believe how delicious everything tastes when it has been dunked in ketchup and mustard (including cookies and grapes - yum!).Sometimes you have to be tough with your grown ups and friends. Auntie was on her best behavior when she found out that I was only allowing Max a single piece of coo-cumber for his meals.

Sunday morning started in the usual way - with a pajama dance party and a little x box!
Auntie had really been working hard, so I thought I'd offer her a little tip
After a brief fashion dilemma (so many cute clothes, so little time) we headed out to one of our favorite stores. See Auntie, hide and seek is more fun at T*rget!
I put on my cutest face and used my best manners, so of course I convinced her to buy me this big bouncy ball
At the pet store, I entertained the cats with my fancy wand
And then treated Auntie to a delicious lunch of quesadillas and chips

We also managed to squeeze in some tubby time

And a quick game of Which One Doesn't Belong?

All in all, I think that it was a pretty successful weekend. Baby and I are already discussing what we'll be doing on our next girl's weekend with Auntie :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Bad Mommy!

I've been really careful about my language since Lily was born, and extra careful since she started talking and parroting back everything she hears. But there are apparently things I say that I don't even notice, like to the dog, for example. You can bet Lily notices though!

Imagine my surprise when Lily announced last week
"I'm kinda ob-nox-us!"

Uh-oh... Sorry Scout. I guess I tell you that more often than I should. You're a good dog!!


I'm not sure where she picked this up, but everything is "Quite ___" lately.
  • It's quite sunny in here!
  • It's quite chilly out today, Mommy!
  • This is quite messy!
LilyBug, you are quite silly!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday, Daddy!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunglasses?? Check!

Fairy wings?? Got 'em!

Tights, complete with heart on the toushie?? You bet!

Fancy shoes?? Absolutely!

I love your sense of style, silly girl.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Puzzle Master

For her birthday, Lily got her 1st jigsaw puzzle. It has 12 pieces, and while it was my idea, I thought at first that it was a little too challenging. How foolish I was...About a week after her birthday, she pulled it off the shelf, and we sat and did it together a few times.
Then, one afternoon while I was making dinner, I looked down and found Lily putting the last piece in, having done the whole thing herself. I thought it was a fluke, but she did it again and again. So, we got some more puzzles.
Now, for an added challenge, she likes mixing the pieces of all of them together before putting each one back together.

We puzzle pretty much all day, every day. It may look like fun, but it is very serious work. Until she's done. Then she looks up with a great big smile. And if we don't applaud and cheer, she asks "Anybody clap?"

You don't know this yet Lily, but this new skill is going to make you very popular at the beach this summer. The Keens sure like to puzzle!

As an added bonus, this is the first truly independent play that Lily has engaged in. She will occasionally ask us to do the puzzles with her, and she certainly likes an audience, but she's quite content to do them over and over again by herself. And discovering that has led her to suddenly want to do other things - color, build with blocks, read stories - by herself, where she used to want attention and help all the time. And while it's nice to have some free time during the day - you know, to go to the bathroom by myself or to cook dinner without fear of dumping something hot on her head - it's also a little bittersweet. Another small step towards independence, and away from babyhood.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

MMMM... Cupcakes!

Lily got to help celebrate her buddy Lucas's birthday this morning. He had a really fun party in a park.

She was so excited to go - she picked out a dress to wear and the whole way there in the car, she kept saying "Lucas's party. I sing to him!" When she finally got there though, she wouldn't really talk to the birthday boy.

We had lots of fun. The park is home to lots of community toys, so there were all kinds of cool things to play with...

But Lily's favorite part was the cupcakes...
They were really yummy.
And there was lots of frosting!

Thanks for inviting us Lucas. Happy Birthday!

Friday, April 11, 2008

"Da ham-sir!"

Auntie Erin's first grade class has a classroom pet, a hamster named Hermione. She couldn't stay at school over spring break, so Auntie brought her home. Lily thought this was the best thing ever. She repeatedly begged to play with "da ham-sir" and cried each time we put her back in the cage. When Erin brought the cage down onto the floor, Lily would kneel on the floor and whisper "Hi ham-sir. It's okay...it's okay" until she climbed out.

Lily pet her, and held her and tried to hug her... a lot! She's a very patient hamster!