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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Playing chess

Okay, so really she just liked running around on the board
and pointing out the "horsies". But still, this was funny:

So very literal...

A few days ago, Shawn was really excited that to have gotten all of the kitchen cabinets level and plumb and square. He cheered and yelled "Who's your daddy?!?!"

To which Lily replied "Shawn!"

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A day in your life

LilyBug, everyone always wants to know what we do all day. I think it's hard to imagine how we manage to amuse ourselves all day long, and yet somehow we manage. I wish I had posted on this a year ago, to see what a difference time makes. But anyway, here is a day in your life:

7:00 am (or so) - You wake up, and begin chatting with your "friends" - your stuffed animals. Daddy reports that some mornings you sing, other mornings you bang on the wall, and most of the time you just chat away. You are perfectly content to spend some time by yourself. I think that you, like me, need to ease into the day.

7:45 am - Daddy gets you up. You like to play "peep-ba-boo" or even make Daddy snuggle with you in your crib for a few minutes before you get up. But after that, it's full speed ahead, all day!

8:15 am - By now you've finished breakfast, including second and third rounds of "choo-choos" (cheer*os). You usually ask for "Mommy play Lily minute", so we head into the playroom. Most mornings you want to cook in your kitchen, read stories or hide in the box. But occasionally I convince you to play with blocks or dress up or do a puzzle. After awhile, we head into the bathroom so that you can "help mommy" get ready. You like to pick out my shirt and socks for the day (which can lead to some interesting combos for me) and to get your hair dried while I'm drying mine. You also think it's great fun for us to brush our teeth together.

9:30 am - This is when we usually leave the house for whatever activity we have for the day. You love to give Scout her "special cookie" before we go. You always suggest that we go to "Tater Toes" (Tr*der Joe's ) or T*rget. Both are big hits with you because lately, you really love to help push the cart. But one day a week we head out to playgroup, and another day to Kindermusik. You are a chatterbox in the car, pointing out every "school bus!!", "BIIIG truck!!" and "Mo-to-cycle" that we pass. You also use this time to retell your favorite stories. Like the time you were "driving" daddy's car and then had to come inside. You cried, but then you carried daddy's coat inside and it was "all bettuh". Or the one about how you were "loud at mommy" and had to have a time out. If your cd is playing, you will rock out in the back seat. All in all, you are a very amusing road trip companion.

12:00 - We are always home by noon so that we can have "lunch a-geller". Most days, Daddy comes home and joins us. You are such a lucky little girl to have that time with him in the middle of the day. You like to help me "make lunch" , which mostly involves you standing on a chair at the counter and putting the food onto your plate.

12:45 pm - It's naptime. After a few rounds of "Lily play toys. Minute!" you run right into your room and pick out a story and a friend to snuggle with. This is one of my favorite times of the day because you slow down and really snuggle with me. It's our only real quiet moment. After your story, I sing to you while we rock, and I watch you rub the corner of your blanket between your nose & mouth, which seems to be how you sooth yourself to sleep these days.

4:00 pm - Yes, your nap is three hours long. You don't sleep the whole time every day, but you are happy for the quiet time (and so is Mommy!) and some days you still take a super long nap. The afternoon is our tough time, as you can be a cranky girl. You request "Mommy hold Lily!" about every other minute, which can make getting dinner ready tough. But you really like to help, so in between stories and playing with toys and Scout, the two of us get dinner ready. Most days you set the table with all of the unbreakable items, you do all of the stirring that's needed, and you help me put food on our plates. It's surprising how truly helpful you are!

6:00 pm - You & I sit down to dinner. Most nights, Daddy gets home part way through, but you can't wait much past 6 to eat.

6:30 pm - Daddy takes you in for your bath or shower - we never know which you'll pick, but either way you love being in the water, and I hear nothing but squeals and giggles while I'm cleaning the kitchen.

6:45 pm - You are SO cute in your footie pajamas! This is my other favorite time of day. You, all snuggly and clean in your jammies, are usually in a fabulous mood for this last little bit of playtime. You love to "jump cushions" with Daddy, throw toys to Scout, or dance with Mommy. We have a lot of fun, because this is usually when you are at your silliest.

7:15 pm - It's almost bedtime. Time to put your toys away, turn on your night light and pick out a story and a "friend" to take to bed with you. This used to go very smoothly, but lately the announcement that it's bedtime brings lots of tears and pleading to "Play minute!" We can usually convince you by reminding you that bear-bear is in your room and that he needs to go to bed.

7:30 pm - Mommy gets a hug and a kiss goodnight. You always say "I love you", but when I say goodnight, your usual reply is "bye-bye!" Daddy reads you a story & sings you a song. The last thing you hear each night is either "Somewhere over the Rainbow" or "Leavin' on a Jetplane".

Sweet dreams, little one! Thank-you for this day, and every day.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008

No jumping!

But we keep trying! We found another place nearby that is full of bounce-houses. Check this out...
There are six different ones, with all different themes - dinosaur, under the sea, D*sney, cars, gorilla, and old west... It's so cool!

And while the Bug does love a good slide...

Our girl would rather sit in a beach chair than actually jump!

Oh well, at least Mommy & Daddy enjoyed themselves!

Kitchen Demolition

This could really only happen in our house... we have accidentally begun a complete remodel of our kitchen. It's a long story, for another blog. But, Lily is thrilled at the opportunity to help Daddy with the renovations, and to organize his tools.

Daddy was cracking up later that night when he went to put his tools away. Each and every one of the sockets had been very carefully put back into the container, but in all the wrong spots. Lily is such a good helper!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lily 'hook' on!

She's all about the hoodies lately. This morning, after she picked
out her new "sweater" and declared "Lily hook ON!",
she told me repeatedly that "Lily like it!"

Silly girl!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gammy gave me braids!!

Such a big girl...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Everything tastes better with ketchup??

According to Lily it does. At lunch today she dunked her hot dog in the ketchup. But once the hot dog was gone, she started dunking her "clemy-time" in the ketchup. And then she started dunking her graham cracker-cookies. It looked really gross to me, but Lily appeared to be having the best meal of her life!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New concept

All day, every day.... "Apart! Ah-geller!" (Together)

Puzzles, lotion bottles, the ear-piece to my phone, the food in Lily's kitchen, bowls with lids, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

It's kind of hilarious. I love watching her figure things out...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Happy Day - Happy Mommy"

That's what Lily said to me this morning instead of "Happy Birthday Mommy". Although I guess that's an improvement over the "Happy Dirt-Day" she wished her Auntie last weekend.

I am 30 years old today. It's a milestone I wasn't entirely looking forward to. But as I look back over our day today... Lily and I went to the doctor, and then to the bank and T*rget together. She chatted the whole time, helped me carry things and was silly and fun.

We had lunch back at the house and she kept saying "Mommy. Lily. Eat lunch! Ah-Geller" Yes, Lily, we did have lunch together.

After Lily's nap we went to the mall and played at the playground for awhile before we met Daddy for dinner.

A perfectly ordinary day? No, a perfect day. Happy Day & Happy Mommy, indeed. Thank you, Lily. There's no one I would have rather spent this day with!

Future Tar Heel...

Carolina Blue suits her, don't you think?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Road Trip!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

"Lily cook lunch!"

Apparently her new play kitchen got Lily pretty excited about doing some actual cooking. These days she's only interested in eating meals that she has helped prepare.

So far she's really good at stirring and yesterday she helped me make a fabulous spaghetti sauce. It was a little heavy on garlic, but that's the way we like it. Earlier this week, she helped me make omelets too and really liked stirring the eggs.

At lunch time, she likes to put her food on her tray herself. If I dare to do it without her, she might refuse to eat all together. Sigh.

But on the positive side, Lily is a big fan of the steamer (she likes to put the frozen veggies in - it's asparagus in the picture) and LOVES to push the button on the mini food processor. This means we can sneak a lot more vegetables into her food.

But her most favorite thing is pushing "daddy chair" in from the dining room so that she can get up to counter-level. Whenever it looks like I might be getting food ready, she announces "Lily cook! Lunch!!!" and runs to get the chair.

This whole "helpful phase" is great - she helps me set the table and empty the dishwasher too. I'll have to remember these days for later...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Things the Bug is now saying:

Bear-bear hoe (hold) Lily

Hey Mommy! or Hey Daddy!

Lily play toys!

Lily cook!

Look out Soutie! (This one is popular when she's racing around the house pushing her doll stroller)

Mommy / Daddy HELP!

Mo-mo minute! (Especially at bedtime)

Mommy / Daddy play Lily.

Daddy work... no fun!

Slow down bus! (There's a school bus that speeds down our street every morning - apparently Lily has heard us complaining!)

Not nors Soutie! (Translation - "Not yours Scout" which is what we say when Scout gets into something she shouldn't.)

Lily look! Lily touch? Just look. (We're working on that whole look-but-don't-touch thing)

Things you can practically hear Scout thinking:"Um, where's my playroom??"

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Such a Tattle-Tale!

Don't tell Lily anything that you don't want repeated.

About a week before Christmas, she & I were shopping in T*rget. In the middle of the holiday section she started asking for a "cracker". There were no crackers anywhere in sight, and it wasn't snack time, so I tried to ignore the request. But Lily became more insistant... She started pointing frantically to the Nutcrackers on display and saying "Cracker. Daddy. In!" and pointing to the cart. Um, did I mention that I had asked for a nutcracker for Christmas this year & that Shawn took Lily shopping with him? So I asked her, "Lily, did you & Daddy buy a nutcracker?" She nodded and pointed to one in particular. Imagine my (lack of) surprise when I opened it Christmas morning!

Two days before Christmas, our present-loving puppy could no longer stand the anticipation, While Lily & I were out, she got under the tree and opened three presents - one that was hers & two of Lily's. She also got into the garbage. It was a bad day for Scout. Anyway, since then, on an almost daily basis, Lily has told anyone who will listen the following:"Soutie - pwesents. Garbage. Not nors. Ba dog!"

And finally, even I am not immune. One morning I spilled cheerios as I was getting them out for Lily's breakfast. We don't normally let Scout eat any people food, but I was feeling lazy and so I let her eat what fell on the floor. Imagine Shawn's surprise when Lily told him "Mommy. Choo-choos. Flo! Soutie Eat!"

Little stinker!!

Overheard Yesterday...

"Misser Sun! Misser Sun! Misser Sun! Me!"

- Lily, as she put the sunshine piece into her puzzle.

The actual words to the song are "Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me!"

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Counting & Reading

Lily's newest activities are reading and counting. By reading, I mean that we have recently discovered that she knows the words to most, if not all, of her books. If you're reading along and stop, she will just fill in the next word for you! I've tested her on all of her long-time favorites. She will do the same things for songs, especially from her Kindermusik cd. I knew she loved to read, I just had no idea that she was such a little sponge, absorbing every. single. word.

Counting is a funny thing lately. For awhile, everything was "one TWO!!!", no matter how many of a particular thing there was. Then we moved onto a more advanced form of counting... "one, three, six!" Again, it didn't matter how many there actually were, everything was suddenly in sets of six. But now, with a little help, Lily can "count" to ten. But she only likes even numbers... see for yourself:

She's so funny!

Friday, January 4, 2008


...I see you! I turned around for 3 seconds to put some shirts away in her dresser and turned back to find this:

Silly girl!

For comparison, when she was very tiny,
Shawn posed her in the same way:

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Yellow Submarine...

Lily & I were hanging out at home this morning, listening to music and playing with some toys. The music was mostly background noise to me, until I realized that Lily was saying a new word, "sub-ma-mean", and then I noticed that we were listening to the Beatles.

I got her to repeat the trick later, for Daddy & the camera. Here she is, singing along:

Daddy built me a house:

And I love it!!

It's snowing!

Lily was a little puzzled this morning when I made her stand in the driveway for a few minutes, but then pointed up at the sky and said "Snow-fakes!"

I think approximately 3 flakes hit the ground before melting, but at least Lily got a chance to wear her winter coat!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hope 2008 brings you as much silliness as it's bringing us so far...