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Monday, December 29, 2008

Second Christmas

Ready for "anudder cwiss-mass" with Grammy & Bumpa:

Opening her stocking:

Opening a gift with Bumpa:

It's a train!
A BIG train:

Not sure who was more excited.... Lily or Daddy!

Lily also got "my berry own uh-lell-uh" from Auntie:

It was a big hit...

Here Auntie... "Let me show you what's in here!" As she helped open gifts:

No, it's not for Lily, this is a gift for Auntie...

Oh, it's just a sweatshirt... I guess Auntie can have it!

Baby Sister got a bouncy seat with this bear in it... Lily became quite attached to "Baby Sisser's Bear":

Showing Bumpa how to use an iPod:

Scoutie had a good time too:

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jingle Bells!

She gets a little shy at the end...

Lily's lyrics:

Jingle Bells!
Jingle all da way!

Oh what fun it is to run

wif a one slope in da sleigh!

When asked "What's a slope?" Lily told me that it's a "Telescope". Huh.... who knew??

Merry Christmas!

Lily greeted us this morning, sitting up in her bed, with "Is it cwiss-mas today???" Yes, Lily, it is! And what a day it's been...

Before the madness:

And after:

In the beginning, Scout was more interested in the gifts than Lily, but she warmed up quickly:

Opening gifts:

She actually sat on a pile of her gifts in order to play with one:

Modeling some of her new tights:

Daddy had to have a doctor's appointment - actually, we've all (including Scout) had about a dozen doctor's appointments today!

Penny even got some new clothes:

We've had a wonderful day playing with all the new toys that Santa brought, reading new books, and trying on new clothes. Hope your Christmas was fabulous as well!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What it means to be two-and-a half on Christmas Eve...

Reading "all my cwiss-mass books", at Lily's request, after naptime. She's already amassed a good collection, and The Grinch seems to be her favorite most days.
Our favorite place to read stories now is up on the loft - it's so cozy!


Leaving cookies & milk for Santa. Lily started asking me at about 8:00 this morning if it was time for this yet, and then asked another 18 or so times. When mean ol' mommy said that it was too early, Lily decided to take matters into her own hands, leaving Santa the pretend milk & cookies that are here next to the real ones she finally got to set out before bed.

Opening just one gift before bed... Lily ended up choosing this super-cool car that you can take apart and put back together with real, working tools (!!!) from her cousins Evan & Megan. We pretty much don't even need to have Christmas tomorrow after how excited she was.

And saying goodbye to "Elfie", our elf from The Elf on the Shelf. This is our newest, and maybe most fun tradition. Lily got to name our elf. She wanted to go with Santa or Daddy, but I told her that might get a little confusing, so Elfie it is!

Elfie works for Santa, and all day he watches us. Then, at night, he flies to the North Pole to tell Santa if we've been naughty or nice. This comes in very handy for when temper tantrums start... I will miss being able to point out that "Elfie is watching!"

Then, when we wake up he next morning, Elfie is in a new place, so we have to find him. Lily has been waking up every morning asking "Where's Elfie?" and then running to find him. He has had some great hiding places, but he spent today in our Christmas tree. Tonight we had to say goodbye to Elfie, since he'll be heading home with Santa until next year...

As Lily said as she was getting out of her bath tonight, "Hooray, hooray, it's Cwiss-mass Eve!" We had a great day, and we're all very excited for tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Towels & "da fiw-thwy floor"

That's "the filthy floor" for those of you who don't speak Lily...

I got some new towels in the powder room. They have Santa on them and they are, apparently, very appealing.

Lily noticed them and asked, "Are dey for dryin' you hands??" A fair question, since sometimes there are regular towels and "nice" towels in there, that we don't actually use.

I said yes and then went ahead and washed my hands, drying them with the new, fancy towels. Lily asked if she needed to wash her hands and I told her "No, sweetheart, you didn't touch anything."

Her response?

She bent down and rubbed her hands all over the floor, before announcing excitedly "I touched da fiw-thwy floor!"

When I stopped laughing, I asked her, "Lily, did you touch the filthy floor so that you could wash our hands and use the Santa towels?"

And she proudly told me "Yup!"

Too clever. And, my floors are not filthy!

Reason #8,476 why Lily has the BEST Daddy...

The super-cool loft he built for her playroom!

Here are some "in progress pictures":

And the end result.... ta da!

And here's some more pictures of the rest of Lily's NEW playroom...

The Art Corner:

"The Cave":

Including Lily's Kitchen:

And, just outside, "Lily's Cafe":

More toys:

And our reading corner:

Don't y'all want to come play at our house???

So sweet!!

The other morning, Lily made this block tower and announced that it was "Your cwiss-mas pwesent, Mommy! I'm gonna wap it up."

Then she took baby's blanket, wrapped the tower up in it and put it under the Christmas tree, before telling me "Dat's for cwiss-mas. You can't have it yet! It's not cwiss-mas yet!"

I can't wait to open it!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh my - the sassiness!

Me: Lily, it's about time for lunch. Do you want some black bean soup?
Lily: No, I want bunny mac 'n cheese.
Me: Are you sure? How about black bean soup?
Lily: How about I jus' have what I said???


Nice lady at the mall, upon noticing my belly: Are you going to have a baby at your house?
Well, I have a baby in MY tummy!


On the way into the mall:
Look at those bunny wabbits!
Me: Oh, sweetheart, I think those are reindeer.
Lily: Well, dey look like bunny wabbits!


Mommy or Daddy: Lily, you need to stop that / come here / listen to me / etc.
Lily: "I jus' need a moment!" as she runs the other way or continues what she's doing.


Other grown-up words and phrases that she throws around now include "actually", "entire" and "by da way". It's just somehow extra funny to hear them come out of our tiny little girl in her teeny-tiny, sing-song voice!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The first time she's ever said THAT!

Lily can be a bit of a Daddy's girl. Most times, given the choice, she wants to be with Daddy. Right before bedtime last night, Lily brought Daddy one of her favorite books, Alex*nder and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day to read.

Except it was the Spanish version. And when Daddy started to read, Lily burst into tears and announced, "Mommy reads it better than you! It's Alexander! Read Alexander!!"

Playgoup at "Da Jumpin' Pace"

So much fun with our friends! Starting with some homemade truffles from Lillian and her Mommy. They had green sprinkles on the outside, leading to some green smiles:

Then the girls went for a joyride:

Played some games:

And did some sliding:

And then needed a brief rest:

Before they were back at it again! Good times...