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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!!!

Last year's Ladybug:
Has become this year's Butterfly:

This year we actually carved the pumpkins that we brought home from the Pumpkin Patch. Lily thought she wanted to help:

But it turns out she doesn't really like to get her hands "Messy!!"

Here's the finished product:
(Mommy's Scary Mask, Lily's Silly Face & Daddy's Haunted Castle)

This afternoon, I took Lily over to Shawn's office to go Trick-or-Treating:

Lily wasn't too sure about it at first,

but she warmed up...

And she was VERY sure about the ice cream!
Check out our very own dancing butterfly:

And then it was back to work:

After all that excitement, things got a little silly at dinner:
We ended up having to pry Lily out of her costume, so it was a big hit. But she was not so thrilled with the kids in masks who came to our door. Next year we'll have to try actual trick-or-treating!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!
PS. Poor Scout:


Oh how we love Kindermusik!! Lily runs right in at the beginning of each class and finds her favorite spot on the rug. It amazes me that even at this age, she sits in the same spot at every class. She sings, claps, dances and tries to play instruments - she participates so much now! The class she's in is for kids from 18 months up to 3 and a half years old. Our class has two three-year-old boys and three little girls under two. I thought that being in a class with the big kids would be challenging, and it is. Lily has been learning how to follow instructions ("Come up and get two shakers for you and two for your Mommy"), how to sit still for a story, how to answer simple questions ("Lily, do you want to sing fast or slow?" - The answer is always "slow"), and how to interact with the other kids and her teacher. Oh, her teacher... Miss Ginny. Lily has such a teacher-crush working. Miss Ginny gets a hug and a kiss when we leave each week. Lily prefers her lap to mine, and during the group dance part of class, she wiggles away from me to dance with Miss Ginny instead. My feelings would be hurt if I weren't so excited for Lily. And, it turns out that being around the big kids is awesome for Lily - she tries to imitate them and shows me that she's capable of so much more than I thought. In an early class, each of the boys went up to the front of the room with Miss Ginny to sing into the microphone by themselves. Lily watched them very intently. Miss Ginny offered each of the girls a chance to come up and on her turn, Lily ran right up to the front and tried to sing along. Too bad stage fright kicked in and she ran back to my lap, but she tried!! I was so proud of her. Honestly, I don't know who looks forward to each class more, we both have so much fun!

One of Lily's favorite Kindermusik activities is riding in a "hammock". The song we're singing for that this semester is "Shalom" and so Lily is constantly bringing Shawn or I a blanket at home and saying "More Shalom!" Or having Baby or BearBear ride in the hammock while she helps. It's kind of a riot:

(Please forgive the singing!)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! (Or what Lily and Auntie Erin did on their first official girls weekend)

(By Auntie Erin)

Finally! It took us 20 months, but Lily and I actually convinced her parents to leave the house for a full 24 hours. After reading through the instruction manual that Kelly had written, and passing my extensive verbal exam, Lily and I waved good bye as her Mommy and Daddy left to celebrate their anniversary in Wilmington. This is what happened next:

We headed for the mall right away. As soon as we got there, Lily wanted to sit and take a rest. It has to be exhausting being this cute!

We did a little window shopping (meaning that Lily left her fingerprints on the windows of every shop in the mall!):
And Lily graciously offered to carry my bags for me:
Then she introduced me to the play area:


I can do this with my eyes shut!During lunch, Lily showed me her finely-tuned french fry dipping skills:

On the way out, we stopped to throw pennies in the fountain. She only tried to go swimming once!
After the excitement of the morning, this is what Lily looked like:

Lily woke up from her nap refreshed, ready to host a doggie birthday party for her cousin Lucy!

After the party, she offered (threatened?) to take Lucy for a walk to help burn off the calories from the giant birthday cookie she had just eaten:Lily and Baby started their Sunday morning with a chauffeured wagon ride:
To Starbuck's, where Lily enjoyed a blueberry muffin, and her first latte!

After our caffeine fix (who knew such a tiny little person could be so tiring?!), we headed to the park.

I'll reluctantly return Lily to her parents in just a little bit, but hopefully this was just the first of many girls weekends that we will spend together.