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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Destined to be a band geek

Everyone knows this story, right? That Shawn and I met at band camp... I know, I know. Poor Lily doesn't stand a chance! Here she is enjoying her 1st trombone lesson with Daddy:

Bad plan, Mommy...

So, Raleigh opened a new kids' museum today. A grand opening with ribbon cutting, balloons, confetti, people in costumes & on stilts - the whole deal. Sounds like fun, right? Yeah, and only about 2000 other people thought so too. It was a madhouse. Poor Lily was so overwhelmed she would barely get down from Shawn's arms. I'm sure she'd have a blast any other day, but going today was just silly. I just couldn't resist the chance to get in for free! So the only picture we have is of Lily passed out after all the excitement!

PS. The New Museum is called "Marbles". While I'm sure that lots of thought, research and money went into naming this place, the girl who used to work at a naming company and two ad agencies just has to say that naming a children's museum after a dangerous object is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. Except maybe dragging your 1.5 year old to its grand opening!

Friday, September 28, 2007

So polite!

We've been working really hard on this one. Lily thinks that "Mine!" is the appropriate way to ask for things. We've been trying to break that habit, and she's getting really good at saying please, especially if it involves getting one of her favorite treats. You know, like a cookie, or ice... she's a weird kid! But a polite one:

Shawn & The Girls

Too cute! This was all Lily's doing:
By the way, when I tried to get in on this group hug, Lily pushed me away by my face & said "No!" Sad mommy...

Monday, September 24, 2007


Lily spent this past weekend in Mystic, CT for her Grandpa Charlie's wedding. It was her first trip up there and the first time Shawn & I had been back in about 2 years - way too long. We had a really nice visit and got to catch up with a lot of old friends. There's nothing quite like New England in the fall... the light through the trees and the colors. Lily loved pretty much everything there, especially the apples!

On Friday we went to the Mystic Aquarium, where Lily got up close and personal with the beluga whales - her favorite part of the day. Each time the whale swam by her she would say "More?" She also got to see the penguins swimming:And she even pet a sting ray!After that, it seemed like the perfect time to eat some seafood, so Lily got her first taste of lobster. For some reason, after one bite, she refused to finish her hot dog!!

On Saturday, we went apple picking with Jess & Steph, which meant Lily finally got to meet the famous Quinn:Lily also got in some quality time with her big cousin Evan:And, of course, we had to get some of the typical Mystic tourist shots! So here's Lily in front of the anchor at the Seaport:And with Daddy in front of one of the Tall Ships:The main event, of course, was Grandpa Charlie's wedding to Sharon on Saturday. I didn't take any pictures of the ceremony (counting on photographer-extraordinaire Uncle Eric), and most of the ones I took at the reception didn't come out. But, here's one of our girl doing her best to be the life of the party - eating, playing & dancing all at once. Lily had a blast and partied until almost 9pm (her normal bedtime is 7:30) at which point she started saying "Night" in a pathetic little voice. So we figured it was time to take her home & tuck her in.

The highlight of the reception for me was watching Lily as she danced with Daddy:

To see all the pictures from our weekend, click on the photo below:
07-09 Mystic

Monday, September 10, 2007

It sounded like fun to me!

There's this fun place nearby called Jumpin' Beans. It's an indoor playspace full of bounce houses (or jumpy-jumps as some people call them) - seriously, what could be more fun than that? I've been dying to take Lily there.

So this weekend we drove up there, paid $7, and bought $4.50 worth of socks (because you're not allowed to jump without them) and then spent about 45 minutes trying to convince Lily that this is fun, really!!!Despite the smiles in these two photos, she was definitely not convinced. I think the combination of not really being able to jump yet and the sudden loss of her ability to walk was just too much for her. We kept saying "Lily can you bounce??" And she would reply with either a "No" or start to whimper. The slide was a big hit, until she landed hard on her wrist and didn't want to do that anymore either.

Oh well, at least someone had fun:

I guess we'll wait until she's a little older to try it again...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Baby Showers

So, Lily had a traumatic bathtub experience a couple of weeks ago and has since then been screaming like she's being attacked every time we put her in the tub. So sad, since bathtime used to be her favorite part of the day. In an attempt to get her over it, Shawn thought it would be a good idea to put her in the shower for a week or so, and then re-introduce the tub. Good plan. And Lily? She loves the shower.... check her out!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Fun with Daddy

I had a dentist appointment this morning, so Lily spent an hour at work with Daddy...She was quite helpful, as you can see. Here they are at lunch together (back at home):

Thursday, September 6, 2007

What's your name?

Lily knows her name! And when we ask her "What's your name?" she will respond with "Lilaaa". Well, sometimes. I was trying to get it on video, but I guess this is actually a much more accurate depiction of life with a toddler:

Most of the time, she really is like this - happy & silly even when she's being obstinate!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Funny Stuff

Lily loves phones. She is constantly playing with mine, she has 4 of her own, and she is fascinated by the kind that plug into the wall (we don't have any of those at our house). If she hears "Pretty in Pink" - my ringtone - she says hi. If she hears a phone ring anywhere, she says hi. She'll pick up the TV remote, hold it to her ear and say hi. And last week at Target we walked past a display of calculators and she held her hand up to her ear and said hi. We often catch her walking around with like this, two phones:Oh, and we have pigtails!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


She's been doing this all weekend - all of the sudden sliding down her slide on her tummy. Of course, as soon as we pulled out the video camera, she got all goofy!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Who would have thought any daughter of mine would end up with blond curls??
Okay, so it's only curly when she first wakes up or when it's wet, but whatever - look at that hair!!