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Friday, August 31, 2007

Did you know...

...That "na na!" means Give me your hand so I can drag you to whatever toy I want to play with next? Or that "lalala baa" means Ballerina Bear? Or that "Woo!" means I want to go down my slide? Okay, that last one was an easy one. But in addition to the real words that Lily can say, we are getting a crash course in her shorthand lately and a lot if it is pretty funny.

For ages now, when she's done with something, she'll hand it to us. She doesn't like to leave food on her high chair tray, for example. She'll cry if we try to get her to leave the last few pieces of fruit or hot dog or whatever while she moves onto the next course. Lately when she's been handing us things, food or otherwise, she'll say something that sounds like "No Like". I thought that was cute, but couldn't figure out where she learned it. It took me a few days, but I finally figured out that she's just parroting back what I say to her "Oh, you don't want that?" Smart girl, and now "Don't want" is almost as popular as "Uh-Oh" in this house!

Lily still signs a lot of things, and she's still adding new signs, of her own invention, to her vocabulary. Her latest is a frantic request for lip gloss or chapstick whenever I put some on. She runs a finger around and around her lips until I share. It's pretty funny - our little girly girl.

One day last week, I was looking at Lily while I held her on my hip, after multiple requests for "Up!", and I just got overwhelmed at how big and grown up she's gotten. My eyes welled up with tears. Lily looked at me, confused, and then said "OW!" and gave me a hug. I told her she was right, that Mommy had a boo-boo and that she had made me feel much better. She's awesome.

This past week, Shawn had a work conference in Richmond. Since Grammy just moved there about three weeks ago, Lily & Scout and I decided tagged along for some fun.

We went to this zoo one day and had a blast. I've been wanting to take Lily to the zoo practically since she was born, and I think she's finally at the perfect age for her first trip. Although, once she saw the rides at the entrance, I wasn't sure we'd be able to drag her in to see the actual animals...
One of the first things we saw was this bird, who sat on its perch and said "hi" to everyone who walked by. Now when we ask Lily what a bird says, she replies "Hi!"
Lily was having so much fun, she tried to jump the fence into one of the animal pens:
Don't worry - it wasn't anything too dangerous, or at least, not too fast. Lily was trying to hang out with these tortoises from the Galapagos Islands (they weigh 700 pounds!!) Grammy & I learned that turtles say "Doo" - at least that's what Lily kept telling us:

And here she is with her most favorite animals, the monkeys:

Grammy got Lily a stuffed monkey from the gift shop that's about the same size as that tiny little baby monkey was. Lily hasn't put it down and she walks around for large portions of each day doing her very best monkey imitation!

Here's Lily & I looking in at the tiger exhibit:And here's the tiger!! (So close he made me catch my breath each time he paced past the window.) Lily kept whispering "Roar" when he came by.
According to Lily, all four-legged creatures say "neigh" - that includes gazelles, zebras, deer and the giraffes that we got to hand feed:

Since the giraffes were a little too big for Lily, here she is feeding the goats:

There was a pool at our hotel, so while Daddy was busy working all day, us girls were having lots of fun in the water:
We played until Lily literally started to turn blue:
Oh, and we also went to a wedding last weekend and got a cute family picture, all dressed up:

Friday, August 24, 2007

Boo Boo!

We had Lily's 18 month check-up yesterday. She was a charming & delightful girl for most of the visit. She chatted with Nurse Janet when we arrived, was perfectly pleasant while we got her stats - 22 pounds (20th percentile), 32 inches (55th percentile) -, played happily while I answered questions and cheerfully said bye-bye when Janet left the room.

Then Dr. Wiles came in. Lily in sometimes shy around men, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but after about 10 seconds of not making any direct eye contact, she resumed playing, talking and running around. She giggled through most of the exam, although she was very serious when Dr. Wiles was listening to her heart and lungs. Everything was great and the doctor was pleased with her development. Again, a very cheerful girl said bye-bye.

Then Nurse Janet came back in and gave Lily her 2 shots. Tears, screams and sobs followed for about 10 minutes. Every time I got her calmed down, she would catch sight of her bandaids and start sobbing again. It was very dramatic.

When she finally seemed to have recovered, we went out and stopped in the waiting room to say goodbye. Lily wouldn't make direct eye contact with Nurse Janet, who offered her a sticker as a peace offering. Not only wouldn't Lily take it (and the girl is recently obsessed with stickers), but when I took it for her, she took it out of my hand and tried to give it back!

For the rest of the day, a very pathetic Lily kept showing me her boo boo's and she cried each and every time. Luckily, she's feeling much better today!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I have a tattoo of a sunflower on my back. Lily thinks this is very interesting and often points to it and sometimes sniffs it, like a real flower. Tonight she decided Daddy needed a flower as well, so she stuck a sticker (very pretty blue flowers) to his back in the same spot as mine. HILARIOUS!!

When we ask her if she's funny, like we did when this happened, she fake laughs. The girl is a riot.

A healthy distrust of the weatherman...

It was 102 degrees out here today. Lily would only wear this shirt - long sleeved and too big for her. Every other shirt I offered made her cry - big fat tears rolling down her cheeks and wails of horror that I could suggest such a thing. Stubborn much???

Monday, August 20, 2007

18 months old

Closer to 2 than to 1 - hard to believe. And yet, Lily becomes more of a little person and less of a baby every day. She is a joy to be around, except for the teething (only 5 left to go!!). But she's awesome... She has started sharing her food with her stuffed animals and sometimes seems to be playing make-believe. She'll play by herself, or read stories on her own for awhile at a time now.

Lily loves her bear. Bear was once mine, but no longer. Despite being almost as big as she is, Lily likes to carry Bear with her everywhere, take him for rides in the car, sit him at Daddy's chair during dinner and sleep with him at night - never mind that he takes up more of the crib than she does! This week, Bear got a fashion makeover, as Lily dressed him in a pair of her socks, a pair of Daddy's boxers and her witch dress & hat. Lily has quite an eye for style, you know!

In true toddler fashion, Lily's new favorite words are "no" and "mine", but she's very polite and usually says "No Ma'am", which is what we say to her when she's doing something she shouldn't. It's rather hilarious to hear her parrot our words back at us:

She says no to everything, of course, even when she means yes. She'll hold a ball out to Scout as she's saying "Nonononono!!" (Poor Scout!) Lily still loves to say "uh-oh". But now she'll say it when we do something wrong - like leave the baby gate open. Gotta keep us grown-ups in line!!

Another word that has found new meaning is "bye"... she says that whenever she closes a door. She'll shut us into her bedroom to play and cheerfully announce "BYE!" She also told me "bye-bye" as she shut herself into a kitchen cabinet one day last week. If Shawn or I go into a room (like, oh, I don't know, the bathroom!) and close the door, she stands outside and knocks until we open the door. She calls me "Mom" and asks for "Dada" a million times a day.

This week Lily learned how to play Ring-around-the-Rosie and now she wants to play all. the. time. She can't say it yet, so she asks us to play by signing "please" and then turning around and around in a circle until she falls down. Hilarious! We also taught her how to give "Eskimo" kisses and she thinks that's pretty funny.

She has really entered that sponge phase where every single day she learns something new. It's pretty incredible to watch. She can put her shoes on by herself now, and knows what it means and how to fix it if I tell her she's got them on the wrong feet. Today she learned how to say "tent" and "shoe" and made a really good attempt at "hippo". I was trying to count up the number of words she can say, because she has a check-up this week and I know the pediatrician will ask. When we went for her 15-month appointment, we were a little concerned, because she wasn't saying any real words yet. The doctor told us not to worry and that the beginning of spoken language is like throwing a light switch - one day it just works. We stopped counting at 25 words - I guess he was right!

Here are her 18 month portraits:

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Back from the beach

We just got home from a week on Topsail Island with Grandpa & Auntie Erin and Holly & Lucy, better known as "Ha" & "Loo" to Lily. We had the best time!

Our girl loves the beach, loves the ocean and loves being on vacation. She played hard, and worked hard too. Have I mentioned our little OCD problem? Lily can't stand to have anything out of place. "Uh-oh" is said about 1,000 times a day, whenever something is on the ground or put away wrong. So you can imagine how horrified Lily was to find the beach littered with sea shells. It was hard work picking up every. single. one. and putting them in a bucket, but Lily is nothing if not determined, so she brought home lots of shells to remember the trip!

Last summer, Lily seemed a little nervous about the crashing waves, so we weren't sure how she would react. We shouldn't have worried! Here's Lily first reaction to the ocean when we arrived:

Here's she is splashing in the surf with Mommy:And here she is digging her own private lake with Daddy:They did this several days in a row...Scoutie loves the beach too:Lily quickly learned how to say ocean "OOOOH!" and confused us by frequently waving to the water (Duh! We were explaining that those are WAVES!) Here she is playing in the waves with Daddy (Sorry for the way the picture jumps around, I couldn't actually see in the sun):

And continuing her love affair, here's Lily trying to drink the ocean:

After all the delicious salt water, she moved on to the hose:And after all that fun, she peed all over the deck - oops!!

Lily had a more complicated relationship with the sand...There's nothing but love for Auntie Erin though:
Most days we just spent the morning at the beach with Lily and then read, swam & kiteboarded (well, Shawn did anyway) while the Bug took a well-earned nap in the afternoon. But we also visited the Turtle Hospital, did some shopping and went for a walk on the pier:
Um, it was a little windy!

On our last night, after the obligatory group photo,Lily led everyone into the ocean fully clothed...I ended up having to strip her down...(Sorry Lily - I know you will hate me someday for that picture, but I just couldn't help myself!)

We had such a great time!! Lily learned some fun new tricks, like knocking on doors, blwing her nose and climbing into her high chair, and lots of new "words" - ocean, Holly, Lucy, no (more on that development later!) seashell and sand. And I learned that Lily thinks all birds are ducks, as she chased the sandpipers down the beach quacking at them and also quacked at the pelicans when they flew by. Good times, I tell ya! For all the pictures (and be warned, there are a lot) click here...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'm starting a list...

...of things that I never thought I'd hear myself say.

The scene for the first item on this list was a indoor play space called Planet Child. It was really cool - we went there for playgroup this week since it's just too hot to play outside. Anyway, Lily especially loved the pretend grocery store. She & her buddy Wyatt had a blast playing with the phone and cash register. Between that and the play kitchens, she was easily entertained for over an hour with plastic foods.

Which led to me saying "No ma'am! We do NOT stick peppers up our nose!" Good rule....


The bug is finally starting to speak - more than just mama, dada, hi and bye. And even more than just the first syllables of words. No, I'm talking real WORDS!!

The first one was "hiding" which she'll say before crawling under her crib to hide like Scout does.

She's been saying "ice" for awhile now as she stands next to the fridge and begs for some (hmmm... also like Scout!).

She can say "bow" and frequently asks us to put one in her hair.

She can say "crocs" since Auntie Erin bought her a pair like these.

And today I discovered that she can say "go"!

She's awesome!

Comfort Objects

Until recently, I would have told you that Lily doesn't have a single comfort object yet - no preference for a particular blanket or a stuffed animal. She would rather carry 3 or 4 random items with her, and clutch them when she's getting her diaper changed or going to bed or going for a ride in the car. I've put her down for a nap clutching a purse or a remote control. I can't count the number of meals we've eaten with an audience like this one: That's a baby, a koala bear (Vegemite), and a purse tucked under a blanket. And we never leave the house without one of her buddies. But again, she never seemed to care what she has, as long as she had something. The other night though, we went into her room at bedtime and she asked for "baby", who wasn't in the room. Lily started to look around frantically and actually cried until I tracked down the right baby. Apparently she has more of an opinion than I thought!

Cousins Weekend

Lily's big cousin Evan came down to visit last weekend and Lily had a great time showing him all her favorite hang-outs...

We started on Saturday with a trip to the Museum of Life & Science, where we played in the cloud machine:
We also caught a butterfly:
And visited the farm animals:
And, of course, played the drums:

Then on Sunday, we took the kids (and Lily's Grammie) to one of Raleigh's prettiest parks:Lily & Daddy did some digging:Lily & Evan did some sliding:And some swinging:These guys got fed:And we all did lots of walking:
And with all that fun, this is the only posed picture we really got of the two of them the whole weekend, and neither one is looking at the camera:Special thanks to Uncle Eric for, as always, being the official photographer for the weekend. I think only one of these pictures is from our camera!