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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"You guys have been holding out on me!"

I'm pretty sure that's what Lily was thinking earlier this week when she had her first ice cream... Actually frozen custard at her Great-Uncle Terry's restaurant, Don's Original:

I think she likes it!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


For those of you who haven't seen Lily in awhile (and weren't in Rochester last week to hear it a thousand times!!), here's Lily's latest trick:

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


At Lily's 15-month check-up, her pediatrician, who we seriously love, told me that she was probably developmentally ready for real time-outs, instead of the modified version we've been doing since she was about 9 months old. Here's the advice I loved most: Set a timer that she can see and hear, because this helps deflect the blame. It's not MY fault that she can't get out of time-out yet - it's the timer's fault! Fabulous!

So, we set up the pack and play, set out a kitchen timer and explained to Lily that this was the Time-Out-Spot and that she would have to sit there if she didn't listen to Mommy or Daddy. We got a blank stare and she ran away. Days went by. And then we had an incident with the computer. Several no's with increasing intensity, followed by "Lily, if you touch that one more time, you will have to go in time out!" And she did. One minute of crying, followed by a big hug and me telling her that she has to listen when Mommy says no. Then there was pulling Scout's tail, kicking Mommy while getting her diaper changed and stepping in Scout's food (poor, poor Scout...)

But then!!! We were getting ready for bed and Lily had a serious case of the wiggles, which was fine. But then she started with the kicking again - always directed at my stomach - so I asked her if she wanted a time-out. And her eyes got big and she very slowly put her legs down and let me finish getting her pajamas on. Success!

Except then a couple of days later we were in a similar situation (I can't remember what she was doing) and I asked her if she wanted a time-out and she ran to the playpen and asked to get in. Hmmm.... we'll have to keep working on this I guess!

Funnier every day...

Are y'all familiar with The Pokey Little Puppy? It's one of my favorites from growing up and Lily received a copy in her Easter basket from Grandpa. It's quickly become one of her favorite stories, and it's often the one she chooses to hear before bed. Bedtime (and naptime) are the only time Lily gets her pacifier anymore, and so she'll sit in our laps, with her soothie and her blanket and point to the pictures as we read. But now she's started taking the pacifier out of her mouth to make a lizard sound when we get to the page about the "quick, green lizard", and again to "SSSSSSSSS" like a snake. She even takes it out to smack her lips when the puppy discovers a strawberry!

It's amazing the things she mimics. The other day she was carrying around her cup of milk and she spilled a little. I didn't even notice, because it was just a few drops, but Lily did. She was suddenly at the counter under the paper towel holder frantically signing "please". When I gave her a paper towel, she headed straight to the spill and WIPED IT UP. Which she then followed up by throwing the paper towel away in the garbage! I guess it's fair to say that any OCD-qualities she may have come from my side of the family...

Lily has discovered a love of ice cubes, probably because it is insanely hot lately and because she's cutting two more molars (stupid, stupid teeth!). Anyway, she and Scout were both enjoying some icy deliciousness this weekend, which led to a very wet kitchen. Lily slipped a little bit in a puddle, but didn't fall, and Shawn & I both said "Woah!" She then spent the next 10 minutes purposely slipping in puddles and saying "woah!" herself.

Oh my darling, Clementine!

When we got home from Trader Joe's yesterday, Lily wasn't showing her usual interest in helping me unpack the groceries - normally she loves to take things out of the bags and run them over to me at the pantry. But yesterday, she was enthralled by the box full of clementines. So I let her sit and unpack those onto the floor while I put everything else away.All of the sudden, I noticed that the whole room smelled like citrus, and I turned around to find Lily, having taken a big ol' bite, munching quite contentedly on a piece of rind.
Once I got her into her high chair, she discovered that the inside is even yummier!

Monday, June 18, 2007

A moment worth bottling:

Each night, before we go to bed, Shawn & I sneak into Lily's room to check on her, cover her up with the blanket she's inevitably kicked off, and give her one more kiss. As we creep into the dark room, I am first hit with the overwhelming smell of baby goodness. It takes a minute for my eyes to focus, but when they do, I either have to laugh at the ridiculous position she's managed to contort herself into, or nearly cry at how sweet she looks. Either way, it is the best possible way to end a day, and I wish I could carry that feeling with me all the time.

I love you, Lily Bug. Sweet Dreams.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fun at the Lake

We spent yesterday morning at a nearby lake - not quite as nice as the beach, but it'll do!

Actually, it was really nice - there was a playground, a nice grassy area where we had a picnic lunch and a beach.Lily had a ridiculously good time splashing and swimming. Each time we picked her up, or stood her up in the shallow water, she would sign "more" and rush back into the water. She was a little fish!
"Thanks for the new bathing suit Grammy - I love purple!"

It was actually pretty cool here yesterday - only in the 70's - so we had to take frequent breaks from the water so that Lily could warm up. But that gave Lily the perfect opportunity to break in her sand toys.It was the perfect family outing. Lucky we decided to do something fun today, as I fell down the stairs after we got home, spraining my ankle, and canceling our fun plans for Father's Day. Sorry Shawn... Lily will try to make it up to you!

Friday, June 15, 2007

She speaks!

This has been a big week for Lily... She's finally talking! She now can say uh-oh (for real now), mama, dada (which she's been saying for a few weeks), baba (baby) and SSSSSSS for Scout! She also says "hu, hu!" when things are hot. It's so amazing to finally hear her little voice. And her not-so-little voice. Lily now yells and whispers when we ask her to be loud or quiet - so funny!

She's also signing like crazy... She can do the signs for more, all done, ball, dog, book, please, thank-you, open, cheese, pretzel, cookie, cheerios, grapes, berries, milk, water, fan and she's trying to master butterfly. She also does some signs that she knows the meaning of, but we don't - I guess she's making them up now! I don't know how we would manage without signing. It eliminates so much frustration, for all of us.

Here's the little sign-master herself, trying to figure out sidewalk chalk:

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thank Goodness the Crayons are Non-Toxic

Because apparently the blue is quite delicious - as evidenced by Lily's blue goatee...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Passed out!

Too much fun I guess...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Fun times at the Museum

Lily's friend Lucas' nanny recently mentioned that the Museum of Life and Science in Durham is a fun place to go. I had never heard of it, but I checked it out on the handy internet-machine and it looked pretty cool. Shawn took today & tomorrow off from work, ostensibly to finish the deck, but I think mostly just to have some time off. So we decided to give it a try this morning. It is the coolest place ever! They have an indoor NC animal exhibit, where Lily got to see owls, birds, snakes, woodchucks, fish, turtles and alligators:
"Look - an alligator!"

There was also a playground that had all kinds of water toys, a castle to climb in, the world's biggest sandbox, and drums and chimes for the kids to play. That was Lily's favorite part of the playground - thank you Kindermusik!

There was also a farm area where we got up close and personal with cows, donkeys, chickens, a turkey, some bunnies, a pig and goats:
"Hello Goat!"

But probably the coolest thing, and the real reason for our visit, was the butterfly exhibit. There is a humidity controlled greenhouse "jungle" full of tropical plants and flowers. And we know how much Lily loves to smell flowers...There are hummingbirds flying around inside and, of course, lots of beautiful butterflies. Twice a day, they release some newly-hatched butterflies into the exhibit. Many of them are just starting to fly, so they will actually land on you and just hang out. It was really amazing.Lily was in stunned silence the whole time we were in there. We had so much fun at the museum that we ended up buying a year's membership so that we can go back as often as we want. There was so much that we didn't even get to see, including some more animal exhibits outside - bears, I think- plus a real train you can ride, and a bunch of stuff inside. Good times...

Naked Baby Pictures

Because I am a mean Mommy... Sorry Lily!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Race for the Cure

Lily joined us this morning for the Race for the Cure. They said that there were over 30,000 people there. It's always an incredibly moving experience, but today we saw something extra special. As we crossed the finish line, we were right behind a survivor, clearly still in or recently finished with treatment, as her bald head was peaking out of her scarf. As survivors cross the finish line, their names are announced. And as this woman's name was announced, the guy she was running with stopped, got down on one knee and proposed. It seemed to me the perfect show of hope and faith that a cure IS coming.

Here's Lily doing her part:

Her shirt says "In loving Memory of Grandma". We sure miss her.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lily didn't feel like playing dress-up...

...But Scout did!
(It's a slow day)

Friday, June 1, 2007

Random Funnies

I've started to keep a list of funny Lily stories on a pad of paper so that I can remember to add it here. Here's a run-down of the past week or so...
Here's Lily fulfilling a toddlerhood requirement by playing with the Tupperware. This is currently the only way she'll allow me to make dinner. .
There's a store at the mall that sells those full-sized dog figurines. They have a whole scene set up in the window so that as you walk by, it looks like there's a room full of dogs staring at you. We had to run into the mall last week and happened to walk by there, and Lily went crazy. She ran up to the window and was pounding on the glass, barking. And as people walked by, she would shout to them and then point to the dogs, as if to say "Where are you going?? Did you see - there are DOGGIES in here!" Hilarious.

Speaking of Lily translations, have y'all seen Happy Feet? Auntie Erin said we had to see it, so into our queue it went and I think we watched it two weekends ago. Anyway, there's this scene near the end where Mumbles has been put in a zoo and he's trying to talk to the humans. All the humans can hear is babbling. And poor Mumbles in his frustration says "Can't you understand me - I'm speaking in plain penguin!" I'm pretty sure that's how Lily feels. She's suddenly started making a lot more sounds, and intoning so that it sounds like she's talking, but all she's saying is something that sounds like "googly, googly, googly" or "wiggle swish wiggle". Here you go:

(The video is at a funny angle because Lily now cries when she sees the camera - not sure what that's all about...)

I'm sure this is frustrating for her - I know it's frustrating for us. We had just about reached the breaking point with regards to Lily's constant whining. But then, a breakthrough... We taught Lily the sign for please and then whenever she started to whine for something, we'd tell her to "ask nice" and "say please". And now, she does it without us asking! For the moment, peace has returned to our house.
Last week, we finished up a semester of Kindermusik. Shawn & I weren't sure how we felt about enrolling our infant in a class, but we do believe in the idea of music-as-education. Although not in that whole "classical music makes your kid smarter" sort of way. Anyway, I heard lots of good things and I liked the concept, so off to Kindermusik we went.
The first week, Lily wasn't quite walking yet. And she wasn't very amiable to the idea of structured play time. The second week wasn't much better - she spent most of the class crawling around the outside of the circle of kids and refusing to play with the instruments. But the difference in the past couple of months has been incredible. Yesterday was our last class. Lily spent the hour playing drums, dancing with the other kids, playing with pie tins as tambourines, and sitting on her teacher, Miss Diane's, lap. At home, she dances and sings to her Kindermusik songs, completely ignoring the other music in her iTunes playlist (I have music on in the background when we're home and decided that Lily needed her own tunes, not that she doesn't enjoy some DMB). She asks for a massage when we sing that song from class. She puts her toys away when we sing that song from class. It really is remarkable, and I think we will both miss going this summer.
One more story... Lily has taken on her first chore. She loves to feed Scout. This involves me filling a cup with food and Lily carrying it ever. so. slowly. to Scout's bowl, where I tell her to put the food "in". Some days she manages to pour the food into the bowl, but most days she very carefully sets the whole cup, full of food, into the bowl. And if she happens to spill a couple of pieces on her way across the kitchen, there is a chorus of "uh! uh!" until I pick them up. If I try to convince her that we can just come back for them, she tries to pick them up herself and dumps the whole cup in the process.
I tell her on a daily basis that she's the funniest girl I know.