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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Friday, May 26, 2006

Lily Hobbs: Car Enthusiast

From the desk of the dad:

So we had a great trip to witness Kelly's cousin Colleen's graduation in Maryland last weekend. Yay Colleen - You Rock! However, I'll let Kelly tell ya'll about the trip, I just want to tell you of the adventure Lily and I had.

On Sunday, before the big ceremony, Lily, Kelly, Gail, Bill and I got a chance to tour around D.C. for the afternoon. We didn't have much time, but got to see the Washington Monument, the new WWII memorial and Mr. Lincoln (he was very tall, just like all the books say). It got time for everyone to head back to the hotel to get into their fancy graduation duds. Well, Lily wanted none of it. She helped me lose the old folks and we ran off for the hippest place around.

"Where?" you say? Where is the most happenin' place in the capital city? Well the Smithsonian's American History Museum of course. We had a bit of challenge getting in because they were searching bags and my IBM messenger-slash-diaper bag was entwined in Lily's cool-ass sling. With Lily occupying my right pinky finger as a pacifier, I was helpless. The little miss didn't want her daddy getting arrested, so she was kind enough to release me. After satisfying the nice security man, we B-Lined to the America in Motion exhibit. My little gear head was disappointed though; there were a few cars, motorcycles and trains, but it was a pretty small exhibit. She got bored with the maritime and nuclear exhibits, sleeping until the museum was closing. Apparently she had some interest in staying though, having a great big poop on the way out. Not wanting to be stuck changing her in the reflecting pool, we headed the museum bathroom, after the place was supposed to be closed. They kept the place open just for us! Yes, Lily took a pseudo government building hostage. My little revolutionary. :) For the second time that day, I didn't end up getting arrested. Yay!

After the little adventure, she and I wandered up the mall toward the capital building. It was amazing (well, not really...) how many people stopped us to comment how cute she was. There were no comments about my cuteness though. Weird, huh?

After a long walk with a few minor monument stops on the way, we got to Union Station. Lily had decided about a block earlier that it was time to eat, and like her mother, she can be pretty insitant. So, like a good father/husband, I obliged; we found the food court and set up shop. Kelly had packed some dinner for Lily, but I had to fend for myself. It was cool though, I just set Lily up in a chair in the corner with her bottle and went to get a gyro for myself. Didn't ya'll know that in addition to taking over major museums, Lily has learned to feed herself? I wasn't even worried about gangs, she was wearing her colors (pink, like everything else she has). I'm just thankful she wasn't wearing the new purple tu-tu her grammy gave her, or we both would have been in grave danger. Thanks again Gail. To show my gratitude, I'll be sure to bring Holly that dog-mounted paintball gun I got her the next time we're in Charlotte... indoor use only. :)

Anyway, back to the story. After my little miss was in a cool food stupor (a feeling I know we all love), I got a bite and we headed off in search of a train back to the hotel. We had a grand time on the ride home. She was a hit... smiling at everyone and standing/dancing on my lap. It was such a treat for me to have her.

When we found the car, I got her in her seat and sat in the backseat with her for a few minutes. We just stared at each other. She has such amazing blue eyes and I can help but laugh when she smiles at me. It's pretty powerful.

Once back at the hotel, we played for a while and I put her down to sleep before Kelly got back from the graduation. Her sleep didn't last long after Kelly got back, but I had done everything she needed. I guess I'm a dad now, and it's pretty cool. It was the longest since she was born that Kelly was away from her (about 5 hours), and we did just fine.

Grabbing, giggling and teething (?!?!?!) - oh MY!

Wow, things are changing fast! Lily is in the process of cutting her first two teeth! She is less than happy about it, which means that we are less than thrilled too...

In happier news, our little girl has finally found her giggle. They are still sort of random, and she seems as surprised as we are when they happen, but she has started to laugh! She smiles like it's her job - for anyone and everyone. Including Scout! Lily seems to have just realized that Scout is here in the past week or so, and she watches her every chance she gets.

She's also trying her hardest to blow raspberries, but hasn't quite gotten it figured out yet. She can blow bubbles like no one's business, and she sticks her tongue out in response to me blowing raspberries at her. But she gets a little stuck on actually making the noise, and looks at me like "now what?". It is so cute!!

She's also finally started to grab and hold onto toys that are held out in front of her and she's started to take a real interest in the pictures of the books we read to her. But her favorite toy is her mirror - she just loves that other baby in there!! But she's not entirely self-centered... we went on our first play date this week, at a local park, and she was equally fascinated by the other babies.

Last weekend was cousin Colleen's graduation at the University of Maryland and Lily successfully made it through the long car ride (with stops at IKEA and various rest stops to eat) and her first stay in a hotel room. And she loved getting to visit with all of her great-aunts & uncles and mommy's cousins. And Grammy & Grandpa, of course!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Lily has found her voice in the past couple of days! She is also suddenly much cheerier in the morning.

Her grammy requested some video of her "talking", so here she is this morning:

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mother's Day!

I had such a nice 1st Mother's Day - Shawn took good care of Lily, and Lily & Scout gave me fabulous bath stuff and candles...

This is what Lily & Daddy did while I enjoyed my Mother's Day bubble bath!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Auntie Erin was Lily's 1st babysitter - last weekend Mommy & Daddy went out to dinner for the first time since Lily's arrival! We had a nice time, but only managed to be gone for two hours. It seems that we don't remember how to have a leisurely meal... Lily was apparently a good girl, as Erin agreed to come back!

Auntie Erin has the magic touch...

I love hanging out with Auntie Erin!!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

3 Month Photo

Friday, May 12, 2006

12th week:

I love my new chair!

Look at me!

Lily has been complaning lately whenever we lay her down, even on her once-beloved play mat. And she tries to pull her head & chest up whenever we hold her hands. So we thought maybe she'd like to sit up and see the world. Here she is in her new seat, chewing her hands, smiling (a little) and even trying to say hi to all her fans:

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Bath time!

Snuggly girl


Post-roll... woo hoo!

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Another fun trick...

...Sticking her fingers so far into her mouth that she gags herself! At least she's found her hands! I know I shouldn't laugh at her, but I just can't help it. She makes herself SO MAD. We'll have to work on causal relationships.

Also, I think it's safe to say that Lily has mastered rolling from her tummy onto her back. She did it 4 times yesterday and twice so far today. On Sunday she even managed to do it once just as Daddy was walking into the room, so he got to see it too. So far, it seems to scare her when she does it. But I guess she'll do anything to avoid having to lay on her belly!!

Unless she's sleeping on Daddy
(Sorry - I know it's blurry - they can't all be good!)

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Another first...

We're so proud! This week Lily gave & received her very first... hickey! She just loves sucking on her arm. It's a riot.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Pictures from the past week

Lily's social calendar has been hard to keep up with lately! Here are some highlights of her antics:

Her first Merry-Go-Round ride, with Grammy when she came up for a day this week.

The look of glee that Lily displays each morning... This is how we find her, after she has broken free of the Miracle Blanket.

However, she is sleeping great at night, so I guess her crazy legs are okay!

Chillin' in the hammock - Thanks to Daddy! This is after Lily got tired of pulling weeds with her dad...

Waking up is hard work...

Great-Auntie Ann came down from Rochester to meet Lily and to read her some stories!

A visit from Erin-Rose all the way from Boulder Colorado - a complete surprise for Mommy!