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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

(28 Weeks) We have so much to be thankful for this year! For our first Thanksgiving in our new house, we were lucky enough to celebrate with both sides of the family, for the 1st time ever. We hosted Shawn's dad, his sister Melissa, her husband Eric, and their son, the infamous Evan. My parents and sister, Erin, also joined us. It was a big, crowded, fun holiday - my favorite kind! :)

The Stowaway weighs approximately two pounds and her facial features are almost fully developed - eyebrows, eyelashes, and facial muscles are synchronizing. She probably measures about 14 inches from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. She's acting more like a newborn now - sleeping and waking at regular intervals, and maybe sucking a finger. Her eyelids are opening on a regular basis but she mostly just sees shadows. Some books say that a baby will turn towards a bright light shined on mommy's tummy, and others say that it hurts the baby's eyes and that it's a mean trick. We haven't tried it.

But, we have discovered that if we want her to "show off" by moving around and kicking people, we can get her to do so by poking at my belly. It's like baby Morse code. I poke three times - "Hey what are you doing in there!" and she kicks or punches back twice - "I was sleeping - what do you want now??"

Big sister Scout discovers that she likes babies...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

6 Months...

Friday, November 18, 2005

Two Trimesters Down...

(27 weeks) I had a doctor's appointment this week and got to see my favorite of the 5 doctors in the practice. I rotate through all of them, and then whichever one is on-call when we go into labor is the one who delivers the baby. So far there's only one that I am not crazy about, so hopefully the odds will be in my favor to get a doctor that I like!

I had to do the Glucose Tolerance Test at this appointment, where I drank a super-sweet drink (it tasted like lime kool-aid) and then an hour later they took a blood sample to see if my body can process sugar properly, or if I was at risk for Gestational Diabetes. Luckily, I passed, so no worries there. My belly is measuring right on (27 cm), which means that the Stowaway is growing at the right rate, and should weigh about 2 pounds. She is expected to gain another whole pound in the next four weeks!

The shocker was at the end of the appointment when the doctor said "Okay, we'll see you every two weeks from now on, instead of every four." I guess we really are in the home stretch...

Monday, November 14, 2005

Our Weekend with Evan

Our nephew Evan was baptized this weekend up in Boston. Shawn & I had a great time visiting with him, and his parents. Evan is such a cutie, and quite possibly the happiest child on the planet. He warmed up to us right away and gave lots of cuddles all weekend. He was such a trooper, despite a cold, tons of people and very little sleep. He was all smiles and totally happy to show off his newly acquired skills - crawling and pulling himself up to a standing position. And he has the greatest giggle... Making him laugh is so much fun!

Shawn & I both got lots of good practice in baby care. We fed Evan bananas, Shawn assisted on a diaper change, and he also practiced with the baby seat and carrying Evan while in it and hooking it into the car. And Melissa & Eric are a huge resource for us, and they were more than willing to offer lots of practical advice.

The only bummer was how short our weekend was. We can't wait for Thanksgiving!

Lots of pictures follow... it was hard to choose, because they were all cute!

Evan at six months - such a cutie! Check out those blue eyes and that awesome red hair!

Shawn snuggles with a sleepy Evan.

Evan bonds with Eeyore - he's in mid-giggle.

Evan, after Mommy got him all dressed up in his Basptism outfit. He was a good sport, but didn't like his hat.

Godfather Shawn & Godmother Kelly make Evan an offer he can't refuse...

Evan with his mom & dad and his godparents, at his baptism (11-13-2005).

Evan tries out the rocking horse that Shawn made for him last Christmas, before he was born.

Rocking horses ROCK!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

99 Days?!?!

(26 Weeks) So, I am technically at the end of the second trimester and according to my countdown calendar, we only have 99 days til the Stowaway's due date (even though I think she will make her grand entrance a little later than that). There is something about that number dropping below 100 that makes all of this even more real and FAST! Where did the time go??

Stowaway stats: She's now about 12 or 13 inches long... the length of a ruler for those that need a visual (like me!) Last night, Shawn & I realized that we can now actually SEE her movements. My belly moves and ripples and you can see feet (or hands or elbows - we're not sure) poking out. It is very strange, but pretty cool. She's getting big!

We are off to Boston this weekend for our nephew (and godson) Evan's Christening. It'll be my last plane ride for awhile. We are so excited to see the Hobbs side of the family and especially Evan who is now 6 months old - he was only about 6 weeks old the last time we got to see him. He is apparently now crawling and has 6 teeth! When we last saw him he was working on holding his head up - so this should be a good lesson for us in how quickly babies grow up!!!

Pictures, including my six month belly shot, when we get back...

Monday, November 7, 2005

The Stowaway's room, in progress...

We got it done just a little bit at a time... We painted the walls pink 2 weeks ago, then added the stripes last week.
Hard at work... with my little assistant.

This weekend we added the chair rail, did all the touch-ups, replaced the terrible fluorescent light (too harsh for baby eyes) and shampooed the carpet. We even moved some stuff in.

We picked up the crib from my parents house last weekend, and Shawn had a fabulous time on Sunday morning putting it together, along with the swing. Seriously, he was like a kid on Christmas morning with new toys to play with! He couldn't wait to get started.

All we really need to get is a dresser/changing table and maybe a bookshelf. Shawn may build the shelf when he does the toy box though. And we are still on the hunt for a glider that's actually big enough for daddy to sit in too. But we have a nursery...

The Stowaway's new room!

Two silly faces...

Friday, November 4, 2005

A future lefty??

(25 Weeks) I think the Stowaway is already taking after her daddy and will be left-handed. She really prefers the left side of my belly - that's where she hangs out. I am completely lopsided and look entirely ridiculous... but that's okay :)

Our calendar says that she's getting close to the two pound mark now, that she can hear what's going on in the world outside, and that she's getting lots of practice breathing.

I still feel really good. I am not too tired and most days my only pregnancy "symptom" is how slow I am getting! Two weeks til the start of the 3rd trimester... time is flying by!

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Our Weekend in the Mountains

Well, there weren't many changed leaves to see, but we had a great time exploring Asheville and the Biltmore Estate. It's a really pretty place. The Stowaway seemed to enjoy the trip - she was kicking up a storm the whole time! Here we are outside the Biltmore:

The weather was sunny and cold enough to feel like fall - there was even frost on the ground Saturday morning (which is quite a change from Raleigh, where it's 75 today!!)

This is the B&B we stayed at (notice the frost!)

We also had a really nice, belated anniversary dinner, thanks to mom & dad. :)

All dressed up, the three of us.