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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

All ready for trick-or-treaters (we got about 9):

The Stowaway's 1st Halloween "Costume":

Mommy & the Stowaway (at 24 weeks):

Monday, October 24, 2005

Nothing much to report...

(23 Weeks) We are doing really well. My mom & I just returned from a trip to Rochester and had lots of fun visiting with all of the family up there. Gripe: all the people on the plane who watched me struggle to get my bag in & out of the overhead bin without any offer to help. Meanies!

While we were gone, Shawn built a step stool that matches our bed, because it's so tall and I have been finding it increasingly hard to get into and out of!! We also celebrated our 4th anniversary last week and we're celebrating with a trip up to Asheville this coming weekend to see the leaves.

We had a doctor's appointment last week and everything looks good and right on target. The doctor's appointments are incredibly short - I wait a half hour and then see the doctor for 3 or 4 minutes. Next time I have to do the Glucose Screening Test. I hear that the drink is really gross - fun times!! :)

Oh, and after a conversation with Uncle-to-be Eric, Shawn decided that this Saturday night would be a good time to put together the stroller. I think he just couldn't wait to play with something!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Oh, so THAT'S what that is!

(22 Weeks) The stowaway has been moving a lot more over the past week or so, and sometimes the movement is more than just an occasional kick or a punch. Instead, it's a series of weird moves that seem to be coming from several places all at once. I hadn't really been paying that much attention, but then in my weekly reading of my pregnancy books and my favorite websites, I finally realized that our little one has the hiccups! Apparently, this is good practice for her lungs.

Baby girl Hobbs should have just passed the 1 pound mark by now. Our calendar instructed us to take a package (4 sticks) of butter out of the fridge for comparison. That's a pound. It seems like she should be heavier by now, but soon enough I suppose!

We did make it to both Babies R Us and Lowes last weekend. The nursery is all ready to be painted, though who knows when we'll actually get around to it. We had lots of fun and just a little frustration in Babies R Us, as we tried to pick out all of the "right" things. Choosing a car seat can get a little stressful! But I think we did okay. My dad was in town last Sunday night and surprised us by taking me back to the store on Monday to get our stroller and the swing we had picked out. Someone's excited to be a grandpa!! Thanks dad. :)

Auntie Erin was at our house last night (Hotel Hobbs is really in business!) and got to feel some kicks from the stowaway too. Our girl is a little bit stubborn - though we can't imagine where she gets that from - and kept being still each time Erin tried to feel. Luckily, she finally cooperated.

And now, new pictures...

5 months

Shawn likes this one better - he was calling the baby "Ellie Mae" in the background and making me giggle...

Saturday, October 8, 2005

21 Weeks

The stowaway is now about the size of a banana, and she still weighs less than a pound. How does that compare to how much weight I've gained? Well, it's more than a pound, but I am within the "normal" range for this point in the pregnancy, so that's good.

Tomorrow we have big plans to do something baby-related. We're either going to Babies R Us to start registering, or to Lowe's to pick out paint for the nursery. If we're feeling really ambitious we may do both. I know, we're wild and crazy these days.... :)

We have also gotten our childbirth classes scheduled. Well, rescheduled, as I had originally set them up for a weekend when we weren't available. Blame that on pregnancy brain!! So, we were going to get it all done in one weekend, but now we'll spend Thursday evenings in December & January at the hospital. Oh well. It will probably be easier to sit still for two hours at a time, rather than eight!

Next week I'll be at 5 months, so we'll post new pictures then.