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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Halfway There!

As of tomorrow, we will be 20 weeks along - halfway to the stowaway's arrival! I can hardly believe how quickly it's gone by. Everyone keeps telling me that it will only go faster, until we get to the last month, at which point time apparently slows down considerably...

Some random observations from the first half of pregnancy in absolutely no order:

~My belly button is getting very shallow - I have no doubt that it will completely flatten out or become an "outie" by delivery day.

~Registering for a baby is harder and less fun that registering for a wedding. Safety was not something I considered when choosing our bedding or dinnerware... We found some fun stuff to register for at Pottery Barn Kids, but the "real" stuff ( that's actually necessary) at Babies R Us is so far too intimidating!

~I am getting very round. Even Shawn today commented "Wow - you look really pregnant!" I'll take that as a compliment. Also, strangers at work have started to ask me if I'm pregnant. Good thing the answer is yes - otherwise that's just an awkward situation all around!

~I have started sleeping with a "pregnancy pillow" - recommended by Melissa - and my back doesn't hurt anymore! It's like two small pillows, connected by velcro, that support my back as well as the belly and prevent me from sleeping on my back and cutting off the blood flow to the baby. I thought I was a side-sleeper, but Shawn kept waking up and "catching" me sleeping on my back. Thanks for the advice Meliss.

~I went to my first "Pre-Natal Total Body Workout Class" (aerobics for pregnant people combined with relaxation and a little bit of labor prep) on Wednesday and learned that I am very out of shape.

~In addition to the big kick earlier this week that Daddy was finally able to feel, the stowaway has gotten bigger or stronger or both... I can now feel movement not only when I am laying down, but also when I'm sitting (in the car, on the couch, NOW!!) and even sometimes when I'm standing. The books say that she is about 9 inches long and weighs about 10 ounces. She's tough for her size! :)

~My parents came to visit last weekend and mom took me shopping for some fabulous maternity clothes, which I am now wearing all the time and they finally fit - hooray!

~I have found an upside to the hormones. I am totally relaxed now (comparatively speaking)! The type A/anal retentive/clean freak in me has been replaced by a love of naps, reading and general chillin'. Shawn seems to think this is a good thing too.

~In addition, all those late night trips to the bathroom and for MORE water have an upside too - I have finally mastered the art of falling back to sleep... I imagine that this will be very useful once I'm getting up several times a night to feed and change an infant.

~And finally, the stowaway received to awesome gifts last weekend from Auntie Erin that deserve a shout-out. In what I hope will come to represent some of her interests, Baby Girl Hobbs received her first pair of ballet slippers (and yes, they're pink!) and also her first set of tools, each of which have a pink bow tied to the handle. I am sure she'll be a big help to her daddy, and also very graceful. Thank-you Auntie Erin, for such thoughtful gifts. :) We all love you very much.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Daddy got Kicked!

(19 weeks) Shawn was able to feel the baby move for the first time tonight! :) She's getting strong...

Details from our big fun weekend soon...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Stowaway is a...

Healthy, active, wiggly little GIRL!!!!

(18 weeks) Baby girl Hobbs is weighing in at about 8 ounces and is right on schedule in terms of growth. She's about 8 inches long. We had an amazing ultrasound today. It lasted about 45 minutes and we saw so much... I will try and remember it all!

We saw all four chambers of her heart, and got to see and heard it beating. We watched as her little hands moved around wildly, which could be due to the Mountain Dew I drank in advance of the ultrasound to ensure that baby would be active! (It's okay - the doctor told me to do that!)

We got several shots of her profile, and at one point she turned to face us! At which point I (Kelly) burst into tears... We saw her spine and her kidneys. All of her organs are functioning and growing on schedule. And, we also saw the placenta and the umbilical cord, which was pretty cool.

After all of the measurements were taken and the "requirements" met, the ultrasound tech started looking around to see if we could get a look at the parts, and our not-so-bashful little girl immediately showed us that she is in fact a she! We suspect that she's too shy to let us post that picture, so you'll just have to take our word for it!

Then, the ultrasound tech switched the machine over to 3-D mode and we got to see some amazing images of the baby moving around... We got some great profile shots, and some funny 3-D photos of her "hugging" the placenta. We also saw two tiny little feet! Warning: the 3D images are a little scary in Shawn's opinion, particularly because the baby has very little fat at this point and so she looks like a skeletal alien!

We are both delighted, and a little in shock. I think on some level we both thought this little one was a boy. But we are thrilled to announce that it's time to break out some pink!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Me at 4 months, in the "official" pose and outfit. I know, it still doesn't look like I'm really showing... Posted by Picasa

4 months along, in the outfit that proves that I actually am starting to show! Posted by Picasa

The Bella Band (for Basia & Lauren) holding up unbuttoned pre-pregnancy pants that no longer fit! :) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Movement! Maybe?

(16 weeks) I think that I felt the baby move on Sunday!!! I've had several false alarms with this, where it turns out I'm just hungry, but I really think this was the real deal, as I felt it again later that night. Both times I was laying on the couch, and I felt what I can only compare to little bubbles popping. The sensation started out strong, and then slowly faded, like the baby was moving away from the surface. Go Stowaway!!

Sunday, September 4, 2005

From Dad-to-Be (DTB)

So, I have yet to weigh in on this whole crazy, thing growing in Kelly's stomach, people screaming, book flooding, endless "Baby Stories" watching, calendar flipping event. I tell you, we've had more hospital visits than when I tried to cut off my fingers. I don't think I've ever heard more advice being slung like it's snowball season and I'm the grinch. Well you know what, its amazing.

We were in the hospital having our first ultrasound (see figure below), and I got to see it - this funny little person growing in Kelly. Unbelievable. Now, he/she (yes, "we" are trying to refrain from using the impersonal "it") looked a bit more like an ink blot (think butterfly, or jack-in-the-box), but that was our baby. We did that!

So back to me. I've only got a few more minutes to be the center of attention and I don't want to miss it. I have been crazy busy around the house, preparing for the inevitable. Most of my projects seem unrelated to to the up-and-coming bundle of joy, but I don't want to have a list looming while I spend my time staring at my little one. Goofy things like new gutters and screens are slowly making their way to completion, while the list doesn't seem to get any shorter. I am determined though, it'll be down to one page by the time Junior arrives. Perhaps I'll leave a few things on it that I can work on with my baby (Kelly says no power tools or motorcycles until she says its okay).

(Spotlight shifts to the star)

Kelly is amazing. She has gotten this glow and is so excited to become a mom. Does hair get shinier with pregnancy? I know she will be a wonderful mother. Part of this judgment is based on all of the child care she performed for her parents' neighbors growing up, all the way up to about a year ago. The rest is due to her reading schedule. She's got Amazon and the postal service very busy with all the books that are coming in. She's a star.

She is taking this stage of pregnancy with great dignity. It is the time when her clothes are beginning to not fit and for any of you who know how much she loves her clothes, you know how difficult this is for her. She has started to get a few maternity clothes, but has been focusing most of her attention on how to make her regular clothes still work. Yesterday a package arrived in the mail and a few minutes later she came out with this goofy grin. She had on this thing I can only call a tube middle. It was like a tube top worn around the belly and waist. Apparently this modern marvel replaces pants buttons and zippers so extending the life of beloved pants. Unbelievable.

So that's it for me. I've got screens to make. Thanks for your time.

Oh, I forgot. I mentioned it above, but failed to explain. My job (aside from being a gopher and always making the coffee, decaf and regular) has been the calendar flipper. Kelly's cousin Sunny had this little flip calendar with daily factoids about how the baby is developing, so we got one too. I am proud to be the official flipper. I get to turn the page and make profound announcements about the state of the pregnancy. Things like "Clap for joy! My (baby's) arms are now long enough that I can hold my (baby's) hands together." and "I'm (baby is) getting a little more in proportion as my (baby's) body growth begins to outpace that of my (baby's) head." You get the idea. Well, I love it.