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Friday, August 26, 2005

15 Weeks

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday. It was a quick visit, but we got to hear the stowaway's heartbeat again. S/he tried to hide from the Doppler at first, but then we got to hear it loud & clear... and faster this time! It was 154 beats per minute.

Other than that, not a whole lot of pregnancy-related news to report. The books say that I could start feeling movement at any time in the next few weeks. I am really anxious for that to start!

Our daily calendar says that the baby is currently the length and weight of a hot dog roll, which is an odd image. But last week it said that the baby was the size of a lemon, so there is definite growth occurring, and lots of food analogies!

As you can see from the last picture, I am not really showing yet, but I am quickly outgrowing all of my regular clothes. Sadly, the maternity clothes that I got last weekend are still a little too big! So, I'm stuck in this weird middle place for a couple more weeks. Most of the people at work know that I'm pregnant, but some people are starting to give me the look like, "Oh, you should really lay off the Ben & Jerry's". I will be glad when it's obvious that I'm pregnant and not just a piggie!

After our next ultrasound, scheduled for September 20th, and if the stowaway cooperates and shows us a gender, we will start thinking about decorating the nursery. We already have a crib, because my mother bought one for us BEFORE she knew we were pregnant (think she's excited much??) and we will be inheriting a cradle that Grandpa Charlie built for Shawn when he was a baby and that was just recently used by big cousin Evan. So, the kid will have no shortage of places to sleep!

And, in fun baby present news, the stowaway has received what has to be the coolest onesies ever, made specially by my Auntie Ann... They have Dave Matthews Band logos on them, to help make sure that the kid has good taste in music from the start! Too cute!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Busy Weekends

So, we may have jumped on the baby-blogging-bandwagon a little early... We are really stretching to find things to post, as there's just not a whole lots of news yet. But, we have had a couple of really fun weekends.

A couple of weeks ago, we went down to Florida to see great-grandma-to-be Milly in Satellite Beach. We had lots of fun visiting, swimming in the ocean and rescuing a baby sea turtle! We also made the happy discovery that her place is only a nine hour drive away (not 12 as we had feared), so now we are planning more frequent visits!

We've also been doing lots of work on the house, now that I'm feeling a bit better and am slightly more helpful (i.e. not laying on the couch). We have officially started to get the house ready for the stowaway. We are converting what was the downstairs office (off the kitchen for those of you who have seen the place) into the nursery, so it will be on the first floor with our bedroom. Consider this the before picture, of a big, empty room...

...This will be much cooler once we have the "after" picture to show you. But to accomplish this empty room look, we moved the office upstairs. We also repainted and redecorated the other two upstairs bedrooms and the upstairs bathroom. And, we have finally finished hanging pictures. It's been a lot of work, but the place looks great, and is really starting to feel like ours! :)

And, finally, this past weekend, my dear friend Lauren came to visit us from Michigan! She helped me pick out my first maternity clothes, and bought the stowaway's first toy - a purple elephant. We had lots of fun, and wish that she & her husband Larry didn't live so far away!!!

We have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so we'll post again soon.

PS. Wish us luck in teaching the "big sister" that the baby's toys are not hers...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

3 Months - not exactly showing yet, but starting to look like I've been eating too much ice cream! Posted by Picasa